Building a potting bench out of pallets.

Potting benches 3 days ago
For a weekend project my husband and I built this potting bench out of pallets. Such a great way to recycle pallets and also so useful.
  • Karen K
    Karen K Jacksonville, FL
    Here is the link for the directions...

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  • Amy Pomares
    Amy Pomares Puerto Rico
    I need a handy man...
  • Stephanie Hicks
    Stephanie Hicks Gardena, CA
    how differen
  • Bettamaxypoo
    Bettamaxypoo Medford, OR
    Wow!!! What a good idea!! So of these are built really tough!!! Will have do start one soon!!!
  • Debeckinger
    Are there directions for making this?
  • Karenkl
    if you check the 5th post above yours you will find the link to build this. Have fun!
  • BeBetsy
    BeBetsy Henderson, NV
    Love this and will make hubby go scouting for the pallets right now (maybe after coffee). Thanks for the inspiration ~ Denise BeBetsy
    I love your potting bench. My son in law helped me build a bench several years ago which needs replacing, so your post has inspired me. Now, I just need a pallet or two.
  • Butch Fertic
    Butch Fertic Kissimmee, FL
    Love this..
  • Stephanie

  • CindyD
    CindyD Arnold, MD
    Add to this post...Any good ideas on where to find pallets? I would love a potting bench like this!!
  • Dhc1124
    Dhc1124 Parkton, NC
    dealing with pallets splitting when trying to disassemble...any tips?
  • Lori T
    I think I might try this . I can get a hold of pallets quite easily.
    COONIE Canada
    CindyD, where I live (Cda.) I'm lucky I can get them anytime, businesses put them at the side of the curb. My husband knows of a company who constantly get's rid of them. Think about stores you deal with that have product shipped and unloaded on pallets,
  • Monisha_suresh
    I love the idea. The link to build this :
Karen K