Backyard Escapes 04.07.14

Antique Trunk/Coffee Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have been asking about readers opinions about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lately. I am not a huge fan of chalk paint but the reason is because I don't find it a good paint to do "fine" painting in. By "fine" painting, I mean a smooth finish with an even sheen and minimal brush marks. However, rather than sound like a hater of Annie Sloan, I decided I would do a piece with her red emperor's silk. I tinted the clear wax with my own tints to get it the exact colour I wanted. And, yes, I really did obsessively paint around all that brass hardware. The legs are painted black with my custom red glaze on them. Hubbie says its finished and to leave it alone. I'm not so sure. The only question I have is: should I add brass or bronze paint to the bottom of the feet to tie them in with the top? Or would you leave it as is?




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  • LaVerne DeHart Avoca, IA
    I think your chest coffee table is extraordinary. Such a great idea to add the legs. It looks great the way it is but I personally would like a little of the brass tint to the legs to tie it all in. If you did not like it, you could always paint over in
  • Frankie Laney Oceanside, CA
    Hi Jacqui, did you do anything to the brass? I have a trunk but the brass has quite a bit of rust and I'm not sure how to handle that. Any advice?
  • Hi Frankie, I didn't do anything to the brass other than clean it up a bit. If you have rust on your brass, then it's probably brass plate over another metal like tin. Use some WD-40 to spray it with, let it sit awhile, then while it's still wet, use
  • Sia@south47th, here is the link to the before and after for the repair on the wooden legs:


  • Eleanor G Littleton, CO
    I love the way it looks! You did a fantastic job! So glad you didn't distress it! As for the hinges, etc. it looks great this way but if you feel you'd like them repainted, do it! It would look awesome that way also. Sometimes,on wooden feet on a piece,
  • I would paint them the same brass colour as the pieces to bring it all together. You did a great job. I also have an ugly green beat up trunk that I'm going to redo. My plan is to put wheels on the bottom and decoupage the inside for interest. The
  • Hi Sherry, it's actually chalk paint but I've painted plenty of these trunks with oil and acrylic. With a quick sanding and a coat of primer, both of these paints will do a great job. Decoupage sounds like a great idea. If you want to put casters on the
  • Alexa Draper Washington, UT
    I love this as is.
  • Eleanor G Littleton, CO
    Now I know what I'll do with an old trunk I've had for ages! Never could decide what to do with it. Thanks for the info!
  • No worries! Good luck Eleanor.
  • Jo Anne Sacramento, CA
    I'm trying to locate Antique Annie. Does anybody have any information on how to locate her?

    Thank you so much----

  • Jo Anne Sacramento, CA
    I have an antique table and sewing machine that I would like her to look at and give me a ballpark figure of their value
  • MariaH Oklahoma City, OK
    oops sorry I see now where you already explained about the legs. thank you