Antique Trunk/Coffee Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have been asking about readers opinions about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lately. I am not a huge fan of chalk paint but the reason is because I don't find it a good paint to do "fine" painting in. By "fine" painting, I mean a smooth finish with an even sheen and minimal brush marks. However, rather than sound like a hater of Annie Sloan, I decided I would do a piece with her red emperor's silk. I tinted the clear wax with my own tints to get it the exact colour I wanted. And, yes, I really did obsessively paint around all that brass hardware. The legs are painted black with my custom red glaze on them. Hubbie says its finished and to leave it alone. I'm not so sure. The only question I have is: should I add brass or bronze paint to the bottom of the feet to tie them in with the top? Or would you leave it as is?


  • Katherine
    Katherine Charlotte, NC
    Leave it like it is! It's perfection! You've further inspired me to paint an almost identical chest for my daughter's dorm room at college. I may even decoupage it here and there after being inspired by your stereo cabinet!
  • Sharon Doyle
    Sharon Doyle Lake Jackson, TX
    I'd paint it to match the brass hardware.
  • Mary M. Prinzavalli
    Mary M. Prinzavalli Saint Louis, MO
    The only problem with painting the legs brass is they would be too shinny for the other brass. But you could dry brush them with bronze glaze and then it would look more like the rest of the lock and corner pieces. I wallpapered in between my cabinets
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    I think you should do something to the feet, even just the bottoms, they are so different from anything else they really stand out and it sounds like they are bothering you too. :)
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    I forgot to tell you I also think that trunk is totally awesome. I wish I had it for my sunroom.
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