Antique Trunk/Coffee Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Burr 2 days ago
I have been asking about readers opinions about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint lately. I am not a huge fan of chalk paint but the reason is because I don't find it a good paint to do "fine" painting in. By "fine" painting, I mean a smooth finish with an even sheen and minimal brush marks. However, rather than sound like a hater of Annie Sloan, I decided I would do a piece with her red emperor's silk. I tinted the clear wax with my own tints to get it the exact colour I wanted. And, yes, I really did obsessively paint around all that brass hardware. The legs are painted black with my custom red glaze on them. Hubbie says its finished and to leave it alone. I'm not so sure. The only question I have is: should I add brass or bronze paint to the bottom of the feet to tie them in with the top? Or would you leave it as is?


  • Grannygunson
    Your chest is absolutely beautiful, but to address your initial concern about chalk paint, no it is not really ideal for fine painting or achieving a smooth looking finish. The main benefits of chalk paint are in it's abilities for distressing and
  • Porta Verde Studio
    I have so many hours into it that I'm not feeling like working on it anymore. Maybe the best thing to do is to leave it as is for now and see if something strikes me in the future. The legs are easily removed to work on. I will have to post a before and
  • Jenny
    Jenny Hayward, CA
    go with your gut!
  • Frankie Laney
    Frankie Laney Oceanside, CA
    Love it as is. That said, I always take everything into consideration, it does help with the decision
  • Devon Cretella
    Devon Cretella Girard, OH
    I agree with most of the other commenters, it looks great as is. Now I might just have to pull an old trunk out of my basement too...
  • Colleen
    Colleen Campbell Hall, NY
    Beautiful as is....
  • Porta Verde Studio
    Hi Nancy, we always use a thick wood board in the interior to ensure that it's stable. We cut the wood to size, wrap it in batten and then staple a nice material to it so it looks finished. Then we drill holes to attach leg plates into the wood. Most
  • Nancy G
    Nancy G West Roxbury, MA
    I love love this piece! don't change a thing! I have a question though? How did you attach the feet to the trunk? I have a trunk & have been planning to do this project but am not sure how to attach the feet? Any answers would be great! thanks
  • Porta Verde Studio
    Hi Patty, I tried a sample of the Annie Sloan paint on the hardware to glaze it and it didn't stick. I know it says you can paint metal with it but I beg to differ. It won't stand up to heavy use such as opening and closing. I could have sanded it and
    PATTY Sevierville, TN
    Very nice piece! To answer your conundrum, I would leave the feet as is. However, I may have painted the hardware the same as the feet, glaze and all and then lightly distress the hardware letting the brass peak out just a bit.
  • Terri Simandl
    Terri Simandl Wellford, SC
    I have several old trucks that I am going to put feet on. I LOVE Annies paint!!!
  • Sewtam
    Sewtam Alexandria, VA
    Leave the feet ~ it will be too fussy with gold/brass. It is wonderful as it is, I love the repurposing of lovely vintage pieces, if I were to do anything to the legs, I would consider a bit of distressing. You have done a splendid job! (...and this
  • Refined Vintage
    Refined Vintage West Bloomfield, MI
    don't change the feet, they add a nice contrast.
  • Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage
    wow! great job detailing all that hardware! i like the idea of antiqued brass feet. i feel it would give it a finished look (although your hub's is right - it really does look great just as you have it). so pretty!
  • Janet Gorman Schiesl
    Janet Gorman Schiesl Centreville, VA
    Love this. I going to pull out my old college trunk and give it new life.
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