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I'm A Mosquito Magnet! Bite Prevention and Remedies

Mosquitos LOVE me. I swear they do a fly by to assess the group of people I’m with, then single me out of the crowd and go in for the blood bath. No more! This year my deck is lined with the plants mosquitoes aren't fond of. Click link for more preventions on I'm using.
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To see more: http://wp.me/p2TXUb-1nP

  • Dorothy Collett
    Dorothy Collett Tipton, MO

    Try adding these edible herbs to your daily diet. Those shown above plus onions, garlic, oregano, etc. Try to avoid scents that you think might attract mosquitoes. Don't wear sweaty clothes.

  • Sparkles
    Sparkles Tulsa, OK

    avoid eating bananas during the summer as it gives off a smell that attracts the mosquitos.

    • Ricardo Martinez Ramos
      Ricardo Martinez Ramos United Kingdom

      Mosquitoes (more precisely the females) only follow the smell of CO2 from your breath. No bananas.

  • Jeanne
    Jeanne San Antonio, TX

    That is so awesome! I'm definitely going to make some of these this summer as tge skeeters are already deadly! Lol ❤ 😎

  • Ricardo Martinez Ramos
    Ricardo Martinez Ramos United Kingdom

    I read here all sorts of advice as to what to eat or not. I really don't think changes in your diet does anything to protect you from the attack of the female season when they're ready to hatch. They locate their victims by smelling the CO2 in their

  • Venia5578
    Venia5578 New Orleans, LA

    Yes indeed less skeeters bites this summer thanks Tawsha & Patti.

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