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  • Fran Barrett
    Fran Barrett Decatur, GA

    Love it! This gives me a lot of ideas!

  • Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

    Yes, Donna Steward, you are right. Lynne Fernandez, I've wondered what I'll do with my iron base when the bottom part of my chiminea breaks completely apart. Douglas Hunt, thank you. :-) Debra, I have a broken coffee mug (given to me by a friend)

  • Lynn Scapatici Couch Myers
    Lynn Scapatici Couch... Sandersville, GA

    Love all these ideas and have been doing many of these for years too. I love having little frog and lizard homes, they are great for keeping the unwanted pests to a minimum. In my previous home, I had a small flower bed outside my back door that only

  • Ozzys Girl
    Ozzys Girl Brighton, TN

    Great ideas!

  • Larose LoganOakes
    Larose LoganOakes Annandale, VA

    I love your ideas and here is another one. For broken pottery or ceramic items you can use Flex Seal as it now comes in white and then paint the item. Good as new! No I do not work for them or get any proceeds from them.

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