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Weird Things That You Can Compost.

Anyone who has a compost pile knows that you need a mix of green and brown materials for the pile to cook well.
Greens can be found in kitchen refuse and fresh garden weeds. Browns can be found in dried leaves and paper.
But did you know that there are a whole host of weird things that can be composted and will also fill your green and brown quota?
Here are a just a few of the oddities:
100% cotton ballsUsed MatchesUsed TissuesPaper TowelsWine CorksPeanut shellsUsed Tea bagsUsed Coffee GroundsContents of vacuum bagsPizza boxes (clean)Aquarium water
For a much more detailed list, please see:
  • weird things that you can compost, gardening, homesteading

To see more: http://thegardeningcook.com/weird-things-to-compost/

Got a question about this project?

  • Pkibin18

    what about dried leaves and grass you mowed?

  • Kari Samuel
    Kari Samuel De Forest, WI

    totally makes sense! thanks for clarifying that!! :)

  • Ikbe
    Ikbe Spokane, WA

    the bedding works well if you use pine shavings,clay kitty litter and a bit of hay and pelleted food, leftover veggies and lots of critter poo. The resulting compost is great for the plants.

  • Mall
    Mall United Kingdom

    Do you have to add soil or water to the compost please? And do you have to turn your compost heap from time to time or just leave it to get on with on it's own please?

  • Kari Samuel
    Kari Samuel De Forest, WI

    I add sod clumps with clods of dirt attached, and house plants post that are being emptied, peat pot containers, cardboard, those drink carrying trays from restaurants, and the contents of my vacuum cleaner too! what comes from the earth can be

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