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I didn't like my 30 year old laminate countertops from the moment I moved in to my house 5 years ago. I wanted something that looked like stone but less expensive. One night I got the idea to paint my counters with chalkboard paint. Not only is it beautiful, it's functional too. How would you like to write your grocery list right on your counter?
Time: 2 Days Cost: $50.00 Difficulty: Easy
This is the after photo two years later. They've held up great! I've only touched up a few spots here and there. It's food safe and I can lay hot pots directly on the counter.
Above is the kitchen as we bought it 5 years ago, looking a bit tired. I prepped our counters by sanding them and wiping them clean. I used painters tape around the areas I didn't want paint.
With a 6in roller & 1 quart of Satin Black countertop paint as my base coat, I went to work. After I let the paint dry overnight it looked like the picture above. Not a very good look yet.
On the second day I was excited to use the Matte Black Chalkboard Paint (1 quart). I let the paint dry overnight again. I woke up to beautiful stone like counters. I couldn't be more pleased.
It's like having new countertops but I can write messages on them! After I'm done writing my grocery list I can just wipe it off with a wet washcloth or disinfectant wipes.
**Ecos paints has a 100% nontoxic, No VOC & allergy free chalkboard paint which would be food safe. Or you can put a clear nontoxic coat over regular chalkboard paint. I'm replacing the tile backsplash soon, never finished! :)
Years later my counters still look beautiful.

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  • Roger J Spears
    Can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for the details!
  • Mitzi
    Mitzi Sahuarita, AZ
    What an excellent example of how paint can completely transform a room! I am so inspired. I am starting a sewing/office room soon and seeing this helps reduce the anxiety of what it will look like. Awesome job!
  • Joan
    Joan Spring Hill, TN
    This is a great idea, thank you for sharing :)
  • Elaine
    Elaine Canada
    It looks very smart; you did a good job! Black & white is always a classic (and classy) look so I'm wondering why you plan to change your stylish backsplash. I'd love to have it in my kitchen. The one compliments the other SO well!
  • Gaby Martinez
    Gaby Martinez Fort Bragg, NC
    Awesome! Looks great!
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