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I didn't like my 30 year old laminate countertops from the moment I moved in to my house 5 years ago. I wanted something that looked like stone but less expensive. One night I got the idea to paint my counters with chalkboard paint. Not only is it beautiful, it's functional too. How would you like to write your grocery list right on your counter?
Time: 2 Days Cost: $50.00 Difficulty: Easy
This is the after photo two years later. They've held up great! I've only touched up a few spots here and there. It's food safe and I can lay hot pots directly on the counter.
Above is the kitchen as we bought it 5 years ago, looking a bit tired. I prepped our counters by sanding them and wiping them clean. I used painters tape around the areas I didn't want paint.
With a 6in roller & 1 quart of Satin Black countertop paint as my base coat, I went to work. After I let the paint dry overnight it looked like the picture above. Not a very good look yet.
On the second day I was excited to use the Matte Black Chalkboard Paint (1 quart). I let the paint dry overnight again. I woke up to beautiful stone like counters. I couldn't be more pleased.
It's like having new countertops but I can write messages on them! After I'm done writing my grocery list I can just wipe it off with a wet washcloth or disinfectant wipes.
**Ecos paints has a 100% nontoxic, No VOC & allergy free chalkboard paint which would be food safe. Or you can put a clear nontoxic coat over regular chalkboard paint. I'm replacing the tile backsplash soon, never finished! :)
Years later my counters still look beautiful.

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  • Cindy Jozefiak
    Cindy Jozefiak Lewisville, TX
    Courtney, I'm in Dallas too! I would love to do this. Is it ok to use cleansers (409, etc.) on the countered? Also, did you roll the chalkboard paint on with a roller or use a brush? Thanks! Great job!!
    • Mariann Welliver
      Mariann Welliver Greensboro, NC
      Cindy Jozefiak I painted mine a few months ago and I use the concentrated cleaner that you can get from the Dollar Tree diluted 10 - 1. It works great! I posted pictures below.
  • Mariann Welliver
    Mariann Welliver Greensboro, NC
    Yair Spolter The longer you wait to use your counters after you paint them the better. Mine were dry after 24 hours. I waited 2 days. Should have waited at least 4, but even so there were only a few dings, which I touched up.
    • Mariann Welliver
      Mariann Welliver Greensboro, NC
      Cindy Jozefiak I used a roller to do most of the counter and a sponge brush for the corners. Yes, the paper towel left lint but we bought reusable lint-free towels and they work great.
  • Nita whisenhunt
    Nita whisenhunt Abilene, TX
    Love this My cabinets were brown now white just like your.countertops just like yours,can't wait to try this,thank you.


  • Centrd
    centrd Oceanside, CA
    They look like soapstone! I'm doing this in my laundry room for sure. But I wonder if it would work on Corian? I hate the Corian in my kitchen.
  • Jan
    jan Sanford, FL
    Wow what a difference from the original kitchen---and I love the notes on the counters
  • Marla S
    I am so temped to do this I did the edging (wood) but not the whole thing. I am very hesitant because my kitchen counters are always in use and very abused always water around the sink and stuff all over (6 people 3 teens!) I'm afraid lol - did anyone do
  • Deb
    Deb Killeen, TX
    I love chalkboard paint! I painted my inside doors with it 7 years ago and it still looks good!

    Your countertops look great!

  • Marie Odell
    Marie Odell Altoona, PA
    Would Love To Know what color are the cabinets?
  • Holly Moore
    Holly Moore Estes Park, CO
    Don't replace the subway tiles! They look awesome with your chalkboard countertops!
  • Joanne Kinlaw
    Joanne Kinlaw Plymouth, PA
    Awesome!!! I LOVE it!!!
  • Beth Barnett
    Beth Barnett Kansas City, MO
    I love this! I'm going to do the same to my kitchen counter tops. I may also get white chalkboard paint for my bathroom vanity counter top too. Such a neat idea. Thanks!
  • Sunluvr929
    sunluvr929 Millville, NJ
    I just finished my countertops with the chalkboard paint and absolutely love them. They were an ugly green with black specks throughout. Here are pictures of my kitchen when I purchased my home 9 months ago (That is NOT my stuff lol). I sanded, wiped
  • Courtney - March Orchard
    sunluvr929 So glad you love it. Your kitchen looks great! Thanks for posting pics. :)
  • Kyn
    Kyn Manchester Township, NJ
  • Marie
    Marie Charleston, WV
    I am not a big fan of black counter-tops but it looks great in your kitchen!
Courtney - March Orchard