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# Budget upgrade Good Bye Popcorn Ceiling

What an easy and relatively inexpensive way to cover up the 80's popcorn ceiling . No mess no scraping. Just glue up ( we used cheap caulk for the adhesive) These ultra lite tiles made of recycled Styrofoam are easy to cut and can be painted.It would have cost around $1200 to have the old ceiling scraped down and another $1200 to have it refinished and painted . I spent around $600 total. I think it looks fantastic and with out all the mess !
Time: 2 Days Cost: $550.00 Difficulty: Easy
  • good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
Only 2 more cut pieces to go.
  • good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
Place the tiles as close together as possible.
  • good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
We dropped a chalk line to find the center ( which just happened to be under the ceiling fan.) and started laying the tiles out from there.
  • good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
changed out the ceiling fan
  • good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
  • good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling

Got a question about this project?

  • Kim
    Kim Springfield, GA

    This looks great. I have seen this in a bathroom on the side of the tub and it actually turned out very well. I wonder about condensation. Any suggestions?

  • Melinda Todd
    Melinda Todd Snoqualmie, WA

    It does look great, but holy cow at spending that much to take down popcorn ceilings! It's seriously easy to scrape off, just takes time and is gross. The new look looks fabulous!

  • Dianna wilkins
    Dianna wilkins Ozark, MO

    Yes . I love how this looks.

  • Lisa Schneider
    Lisa Schneider Adrian, MI


  • Michelle Dunmall

    We live in Canada and I can not find the glueable ceiling tiles. Any suggestions?

    • Sheila
      Sheila Canada

      I bought them through Home Depot online only though

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