Perennial Giants

Plants & Flowers 05.21.14

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Who doesn't love big plants. Giant perennials can take the place of a shrub in your garden. They are not only useful in your gardenscape but are fun to grow. Bound to give the kids an interest and a thrill.

Read my post for more info and a good sampling of what giants you can grow.

  • Alliums, or ornamental onions. There are some real giants out there and the bees love them too.
  • Astilboides is antoher plant for wetter areas.
  • White Persicaria almost makes a hege.

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  • Sensible Gardening and Living
    I love Joe Pye too Douglas and our bees make good use if it.
  • Heather Scott
    I found a Joe Pye last year and I love it! Still looking for goats beard! Can Joe Pye be divided = when would be the best time to do it
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Heather, Joe Pye can certainly be divided. I would do so in early spring, just as you start to see growth.
  • Sensible Gardening and Living
    Yes indeed Heather. It divides beautifully and is a very strong, hardy plant. I agree with Douglas, spring is the best time.
  • Sensible Gardening and Living
    I enjoy them too, every year the suppliers nicely introduce a new variety or two for us!
Sensible Gardening and Living

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