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What size nail to use for window trim?

  • Sara
    Sara Montville, NJ

    Using a nail gun?

  • Imagery
    Imagery Littleton, CO

    Hi Brian,
    I use a 15 gauge 2 1/2" finish nail in an angled Senco nail gun for the area that will be fastening to the stud, and an 18 gauge brad nailer for attaching the trim to the jamb. I have also seen a 16 gauge used for both, but I think the head

  • James A
    James A Roswell, GA

    4d finishing nails

  • Carl Peters Jr.
    Carl Peters Jr. Dumont, NJ

    @Brian...Depending on the size of the window trim to be installed, an 18 gauge nail should be used. Usually 1-1/4" in length works well when nailing into the jamb and 2-1/2 through the thicker part of the trim into the stud. Try to nail into a flat

  • KPT Carpentry
    KPT Carpentry Wharton, NJ

    Hi Brian, If you do not have a nail gun then use # 6 finish nails make sure you set the nail and fill properly.