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  • Diane B Dublin, GA
    The path sets off a great landscape. Well done!
  • Zografia A Greece
    very impressive. great work!
  • Erica Glasener Atlanta, GA
    Great path and I like the size (width) as well as the edging with liriope.
  • Sandra R Breinigsville, PA
    Very Nice! Wish I could have that kind of space.
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    So very nicely done!! Makes one wish to wander up that path.
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Beautiful! Wonderful use of stone or broken concrete (hard to tell). I love the "grassy" look...I hate close clipped, manicured yards...I love the carpet look manicured yards. We have Zoysia Emerald Green and I do not like for it to get mowed much...it
  • Kyle G Middletown, NJ
    This looks so serene! Great job!
  • Lonnie V Fairborn, OH
  • Ever thought about illuminating your path at night?
  • Jean M Valdosta, GA
    that is beautiful...my sister lives in Laurel, MD, I think the plants in that neck of the woods look so much greener than the south (almost ;))...it's really pretty up north during the spring and summer :)
  • Celeste R Covington, GA
    I love this.. I have started a similar look in my backyard. You pic is hopefully what mine will become on down the road!! Thanks for for sharing!!
  • Diane B Dublin, GA
    good photography by the way!
  • Lovely, lovely... the liriope is gorgeous and perfect for this
  • Candy J Erwin, TN
    how do you keep the weeds from taking over your path?
  • Jann R Myersville, MD
    @ candy I pull them as they come up, as I walk on it. There really are not that many. :-)