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Up Cycled Glass Bottle Lights

Collection of recycled glass bottles crafted into amazing home decor lighted bottles.
I have a table top drill press in my kitchen (LOL) true. You need a diamond core drill bit, 2 pieces of masking or painters tape to make where the hole will be drilled. Then a make a dam from window glaze to put around where the hole will be drilled and fill it with water to keep the drill bit cool while you drill. Make sure you wear gloves and safety glasses. Just drill slow and easy, will take awhile, don’t add pressure. Once drilled wash out your bottle with very warm water to remove glass dust. I let dry over night. Then insert lights pulling all the way through to the top, then reinsert from the top as you fill with glass gem stones. I use string lights, LED lights, multi colored or clear depending on what effect you want to make. I also take out all the bulbs and rearrange into all the same color together for gradient lighting or blue - green - blue- green then yellow- pink - yellow - pink the all red. Or what ever color combo together that you want.
Difficulty: Medium

Got a question about this project?

  • Terry
    Terry Jupiter, FL

    okay, I give up. I don't see any instructions. I went to the blog and couldn't find the tutorial there either. A simple link to the exact instructions would be nice.

  • Moma Walker
    Moma Walker Charlotte, NC

    Lisa Wiseman, i really do love lights and BLING a whole lot. Please look at the picture below.

  • Moma Walker
    Moma Walker Charlotte, NC

    You are so very welcome Lisa. I love lights and my BLING.

  • Loretta
    Loretta Grand Island, FL

    I have to try this! Wish me luck... never tried to drill glass before.

    • Lisa Wiseman
      Lisa Wiseman Hobbs, NM

      @Loretta, I wish all the luck in the world. Just make sure you were gloves and safety glasses and make a dam to hold water so the drill bit won't get hot. Then take it slow anbd easy don't force it. You'll get the hang of it and I'd love to see

  • Virginia Cannon

    I always look for the Bling. BTW, I am a former resident of Hobbs and still have family there.

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