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Vanity and concrete sink Project

This is a new project i am working on. There is a droor that is not in yet below the sink and we are actually taking a draw knife and rolling the edges more on the wood to be more rustic! My question is the designers are all torn ab the color of the sink. It is natural grey now slurried with a black paste to accent. They want color and they like it just the way it is now. What would you do as far as the color of the sink? I love all you designers out there but Gosh Dogg!! Man has gotta make money.....decision please.....

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  • Crystal N
    Crystal N Savannah, GA

    Hey Lee Anne! Danny's ex! Saw your post on this that I was about to like! I am an amateur designer & Charlie Z keeps me up to speed on your accomplishments! And to Stone-Crete, nice job! Small world! I have a FB site Savannah Coastal Cottage I don't

  • Stone-Crete Artistry

    Go Charlie Z...Go go Charlie ZZ... What bout sum Charlie Z...
    O Yeaahhhh
    thank you....Charlie Z

  • Crystal N
    Crystal N Savannah, GA

    Lol! Sorry I caught up with a friend on your post! I really do like your project!

  • Culpepper Carpets and Interiors, Inc.

    Hey Crystal! I left you a message at Savannah Coastal Cottage on FB. (:

  • Ta
    Ta Lafayette, IN

    don't make the sink the focal point of a wall, so I'd suggested leaving it the way it is.

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