I made flowers out of various dishes and china. Plus metal pipe and I have really cute flowers!

Using window caulk instead of glue, just caulk pieces together. Add a flattened silver spoon to the back so the handle can go down in the hollow pipe to make them into flowers for you garden art!

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  • Nona
    Nona Pensacola, FL
    epoxy glue or silicone chalk? I am so stealing this idea. Everything I plant dies, except for my pink flamingoes, they survive.l. I will be Goodwill shopping for plates. I made cake holders from plates and candle sticks. super nice.
  • Kathryn Denny
    Kathryn Denny Fairbury, NE
  • Boblynn55
    Boblynn55 Pomeroy, WA
    I have made several of these and then saw a post somewhere on the net I saw someone take parts of a solar side walk lights and made the flowers light up. does anyone know where I could find directions on how to do this part I have made some for gifts and
  • Melvina
    melvina Mc Connellsburg, PA
    wonder if you could use a serve spatula not sure could flatten a spoon but I love this idea ty.
  • Pam
    Pam Lansing, MI
    Lay the spoon curved side up on any hard surface and whack it with a hammer until flat! I have a piece of railroad rail I use but I've used a cement block also. Just find something harder than the spoon. Marks on the spoon don't matter because they don't
Terry M