I made flowers out of various dishes and china. Plus metal pipe and I have really cute flowers!

diy 4 days ago
Using window caulk instead of glue, just caulk pieces together. Add a flattened silver spoon to the back so the handle can go down in the hollow pipe to make them into flowers for you garden art!

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  • Maria
    Maria Laredo, TX
    I glue soda can pull tabs. I bend tab before adding glue, just just enough to hook on a nail on the fence. I'll try and post a picture soon.
  • Kay Smith
    Kay Smith Big Spring, TX
    Smart and clever ideas! Thanks!
  • Vickie
    Vickie Robert Lee, TX
    Love this idea but here in western Texas lots of strong wind and some hail. How would the flowers look made out of melamine/melmac plates. Some have beautiful designs
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H Palm Desert, CA
      I have used plastic and melamine..they do just fine,look good. However sun can fade them,and I had minerals build up from sprinkler system on both glass and melamine. We have had very strong winds,GE ll silicone clear keeps them together. You can get
  • Vickie
    Vickie Robert Lee, TX
    thanks Bernice H. Here we really can't water grass. Our city ran out of water and city had to dig pipeline to another aquifer. We plan to do zero scaping and just desert plants. So there should not really be any mineral buildup. Vinegar straight or mixed
  • Chris
    Chris Poway, CA
    I love this. Maybe you could attach silverware to the stem like leaves. :-)
Terry M