I made flowers out of various dishes and china. Plus metal pipe and I have really cute flowers!

Furniture Makeovers 2 days ago
Using window caulk instead of glue, just caulk pieces together. Add a flattened silver spoon to the back so the handle can go down in the hollow pipe to make them into flowers for you garden art!
  • Terri
    Terri Corpus Christi, TX
    I made some of these, too. I used glass paint on the back side of clear cut glass dishes and it really gave it a new demension. I love these. My husband doesn't get it, though.
    • Libbynron
      Terri Could you recommend a glass paint. I have been making plate flowers and have some clear glass items I would love to color, but not sure what to get. I want it clear to just color the glass, not an opaque. Thanks.
    • Terri Young
      Terri Young Corpus Christi, TX
      Libb I just used some glass paint from a hobby store. Michael's had it in their paint section, Hobby Lobby has a section for glass and stained glass, Not sure which dept Joann's has it
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Terri Isn't that the truth???? I know hubs is just going along with this, and not saying what he really thinks. Irene
  • Sgreshamer
    What about a pie server instead of a spoon. It's already flat and wider.
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Irene Terri Terry M I am still
  • Anita Bishop
    Anita Bishop Benicia, CA
    These adorable plate flowers do add whimsy to the garden. My Daughter-in-law and Son made them for me for Mother's Day. I love them, have them in potted plants. I think of them whenever I am out, and one is in a container on my porch, so I see it all the
  • JoieBK
    JoieBK Palm Coast, FL
    These are such great fun to make and shopping garage sale/thrift stores to find the pieces is a blast! I have tried several glues and not been happy with any for one reason or the other. Locktight superglue for glass leaves a white residue between pieces
    • Sandy
      Sandy Cuba, IL
      Kelly S I used the E6000 from Dollar General and had good luck, it very little on my flowers and I even used those glass(various colors) to accent a few.
  • Christina aka Queenopearls
    Love this idea!! On Houzz.com I saw someone buried about 1/3 of the plate as an edging to their garden. :)
  • Alice S
    Alice S Feasterville Trevose, PA
    I wish I'd seen these sooner, they're beautiful and my good friend would have LOVED making these (she just passed Jan 7). I'll have to gather all her odd dishes and bowls and make some in her honor. Finally, an attractive garden deco for small money and
  • Coalhouse general store
    i had someone give me some of these just like this as gifts, but after a week in the weather and rain, they fell apart..:( i will for sure try the caulk! and put them back together again, they are so happy!!!...
  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH
    Oh my what have you started? These are fabulous and I can't wait to get started on my own....
  • Sarian3
    es solo para adorno¡? o alguna utilidad?
  • Jackie
    Jackie Canada
    How can I safely drill holes in glass wear without it breaking?
    • Aubrey L
      Aubrey L Salem, VA
      Jackie I would like to know about drilling holes in glass, also. Someone told me to us a Dremel tool, but I don't know what kind of bit to use. Can anyone supply detailed information?
    • Kelly S
      Kelly S Bremerton, WA
      Aubrey L Empress of Dirt - Melissa has the best post on drilling glass/ceramics. Her method is what I use.
  • Jackie
    Jackie Canada
    Thank you Terry M. I will try that.
  • Jean Luby
    Jean Luby Canada
    I like the idea of cake lifter instead of spoons. I bought some for one dollar at Dollar Store made of stainless steel. I think they would work well. Can't imagine window caulking being strong enough to hold plates. Still a neat idea for odds and ends of
  • Janice Marie Doucet
    The grill a glue didn't hold for me. Someone said to keep it in refrigerator, going to have to try that.
Terry M