I made flowers out of various dishes and china. Plus metal pipe and I have really cute flowers!

diy home 6 days ago
Using window caulk instead of glue, just caulk pieces together. Add a flattened silver spoon to the back so the handle can go down in the hollow pipe to make them into flowers for you garden art!
  • Debbie Sheegog
    Debbie Sheegog Wrightsville Beach, NC
    My sis made me a gorgeous one, and it occurred to me that instead of standing it up, lying flat it is an awesome butterfly bath/drinking station!
  • Kathrine Anderson
    Kathrine Anderson Helena, MT
    I am going to try this. I love collecting old dishes and this would be a beautiful way to display them. Thanks!
  • Taffetal
    I don't get how you are attaching the component parts . . . gorilla glue and do you drill

    holes in the plates . . . what?

  • JulieArt
    JulieArt Vista, CA
    You have really pretty flowers!
  • Mia
    Mia Sweden
    Lovely flowers! Hugs from Sweden
Terry M

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