Natural Weed Control That Works

14 hours ago
Natural Weed Control

I don't usually post these things unless I have tried them, And this works. I was amazed how fast I saw results too.


1 Gallon white vinegar

2 cups multi purpose epsom salt

1/4 cup regular blue dawn dish soap

Put into gallon sprayer, if you don't have a sprayer, You can use anything that will spray out liquid, Saturate weeds.

I used this in the morning around 10 am went back in a couple hours and the weeds were wilting and turning color, a few hours later, bye bye weeds. Use this every couple weeks to control weeds, all safer for the environment, and allot safer to have around the house with children and pets.

  • Elizabeth
    elizabeth Michigan City, IN
    My laptop is acting up will the combination kill other plants?
  • Gail Corse-Tiede
    Can I spray it on weeds in my grass, or will it kill the grass too?
  • Marilyn Sailer
    I needed something to spray on weeds outside, but was safe for my dogs. I used this formula and it actually worked! It really smelled strong with vinegar, but as long as it did the job, I won't complain!
  • Sheryl Berberich
    Sheryl Berberich Sioux City, IA
    This is really economically the best, and absolutely works great!

    I moved into my home a yr.ago.Its on 3 acres! There are alot of weeds but also alot of grass I want to kill. I have spent

  • Patty Hill
    Patty Hill Spring Lake, MI
    How long can I plant after spraying??
    • Kat Davis-Moran
      Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL
      You can plant the same day, spray in the morning a few hours later weeds will be wilted and you can plant
  • Lise
    Lise Canada
    Do I have to wait for the epsom salt to dilute?
  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL
    The Epsom dilutes pretty fast, and will not harm your plants, it is actually good for your plants using Epsom around them
  • Rbd
    Rbd Dallas, TX
    Will it kill my St Augustine if I spray the whole yard
  • Sarah
    Sarah Janesville, WI
    If the Epsom salts are actually good for the plants or weeds, why include it?
    • Kat Davis-Moran
      Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL
      Chemically, Epsom salts is hydrated magnesium sulfate (about 10 percent magnesium and 13 percent sulfur). When diluted with water, and especially when applied as a foliar spray, Epsom salts can be taken up quickly by plants. Epsom salts' magnesium
  • Vivian Blake-Higgins
    Vivian Blake-Higgins Beaver Dam, KY
    I love it...Spray on a warm sunny day and soak well. If weeds are large and well establised you may have to do a second time
  • Eric Kukula
    Eric Kukula Roselle, IL
    will the grass survive if I blanket the lawn?

    • Kat Davis-Moran
      Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL
      Yes it will kill the grass read my reply to Sarah, the soap will strip the protective coating to get to the weed etc
  • Larissa Hertzberg
    Larissa Hertzberg South Bend, IN
    Will this kill my flowers? Do I need to make sure to only spray the weeds?
  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL
    Yes read the thread it explaines what to and not to use it on. The thread right above I explaine how this mixture works.... ;-)
  • Roperj
    Will it kill poison ivy?
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Salt Lake City, UT
    So if the Epsom salts are good for plants, what function does it have in an herbicide mixture?
Kat Davis-Moran