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Natural Weed Control That Works

Natural Weed Control
I don't usually post these things unless I have tried them, And this works. I was amazed how fast I saw results too.
1 Gallon white vinegar
2 cups multi purpose epsom salt
1/4 cup regular blue dawn dish soap
Put into gallon sprayer, if you don't have a sprayer, You can use anything that will spray out liquid, Saturate weeds.
I used this in the morning around 10 am went back in a couple hours and the weeds were wilting and turning color, a few hours later, bye bye weeds. Use this every couple weeks to control weeds, all safer for the environment, and allot safer to have around the house with children and pets.
  • Theresa Shearer

    Thanks Kat. I will try this!

  • Linda Swift
    Linda Swift Garden City, MO

    I heard you had to boil the ingredients. Is that true?

    • Linda
      Linda Lake Worth, FL

      You might be thinking of distilled Vinegar and Blue Dawn half and half as a bathroom tub and tile cleaner. This calls for the Vinegar to be WARMED in the microwave before adding the Dawn. This is to emulsify the ingredients.

  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL

    no don't boil any of the ingredients, I have never heard of that

  • Carra Jacox
    Carra Jacox Nashville, TN

    I want to use this to kill weeds in areas that I'd like to plant clover as a ground cover. I like that the Epsom salts won't harm the soil, but how long should I wait after spraying this mixture to plant seeds? Would 2 days be enough time? Thank

  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL

    Yes, you should be good to go

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