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Natural Weed Control That Works

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Natural Weed Control
I don't usually post these things unless I have tried them, And this works. I was amazed how fast I saw results too.
1 Gallon white vinegar
2 cups multi purpose epsom salt
1/4 cup regular blue dawn dish soap
Put into gallon sprayer, if you don't have a sprayer, You can use anything that will spray out liquid, Saturate weeds.
I used this in the morning around 10 am went back in a couple hours and the weeds were wilting and turning color, a few hours later, bye bye weeds. Use this every couple weeks to control weeds, all safer for the environment, and allot safer to have around the house with children and pets.
  • Joni pilmaier
    Joni pilmaier Elkhorn, NE

    Where's the after photo?

  • Lynette Carlson

    will this work on garlic in your yard

  • Olivia
    Olivia San Antonio, TX

    Can hardly wait to try it.
    Has any one else had a problem with this solution burning their hands or feet??

  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL

    Never heard of anyone having trouble in this way

  • Kat Goodman

    I've noticed several new 'recipes' online that suggest using Epsom salt instead of table salt. Please note Epsom 'salt' is NOT in any sense of the word actually salt. It will do nothing except possibly help the weeds revive. Epsom 'salt' is not true

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