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The Easiest Free Makeover Using Wine Corks

I have one more reason to meet my friends for a glass of wine: I need wine corks for this new project. And I bet you would never imagine what it's all about.
Go check your kitchen furniture, you might want to update it too after seeing my project!
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
Gather all the wine corks you can get and clean them gently with a wet sponge. Let them dry.
Use a spray paint to cover them with your favorite color or you can let them as they are and spray them later with varnish, for protection.
Draw flowers or stars on the wine corks using a sharp marker, as you see below. You can draw anything you want only on the cap, or all over at your choice.
Cover the corks with a coat of varnish for long time protection of your art, and let them dry completely. If you don't have varnish on hand, a coat of nail polish would also work, even if it's harder to apply.
Turn the cork upside down and make a small hole to mark the center of the stalk. Now you've just turned the wine cork into a knob!
Fix the cork on your furniture door with a screw whose length is 3/4 of your new DIY knob. Screw slowly, so you could feel when the metal stops drilling through the knob.
Can you imagine an easier kitchen furniture makeover?
Visit the link below for more pictures and ideas on how to paint your wine corks for this project!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Wine corks   (reclaimed)
  • Screws 3/4 of the knobs long
  • Marker
See all materials

To see more: http://obraznicaturi.com/the-easiest-makeover-you-can-have-using-wine-corks/

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