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Sweet serenity

My husband built this Pergola for me last summer...complete with a misting system... He appears to be a professional builder, but in fact he's an Airforce parachute rigger :)

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  • Judy D
    Judy D Mustang, OK

    You are so blessed to have a husband who is so talented. The decorating touches that you added are beautiful!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

  • Liz Holland
    Liz Holland San Antonio, TX

    This is so lovely and serene!

  • Kimberly Warbington Purvis
    Kimberly Warbington... Louisville, KY

    very beautiful indeed and if the misting system is like the ones in fla then I would love it as we went to a restaurant there that had one. It was so nice and no flys when we ate outside no a single one. loved it

  • OhSally
    OhSally Lacey, WA

    Lovely! I have a covered patio and have wanted to put curtains to soften the look, but the way mine is set up, curtains wouldn't really work (trust me). Isn't it just the BEST to have a man who not only can but is willing to create???

  • CushyChic, LLC
    CushyChic, LLC Lake Havasu City, AZ

    What a lovely inviting space you've created! I'll bet everyone who sees it wants to spend time there, I know I do.

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