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  • Leah Aaron
    Leah Aaron New Buffalo, MI

    But where did you find that old sink ?? I'd like to install one of those oldies in my utility room for dog bathing . Your bench is also to die for. Hating potting on my knees

  • Jean Quintana
    Jean Quintana Cypress, CA

    Love this! Have you heard about Home & Family TV show looking for a person with DIY skills to add to they TV Show? Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel . It's on 4 hours a day and the time depends if you have satellite or cable TV. I think you could

  • Leslie
    Leslie Methuen, MA

    Nice repurpose Lori!!! Have you thought of fashioning a faucet in the holes in the back of your sink. I see you have the hose nearby. You can get a double connector for the main spout and attach two hoses one for your longer hose and another shorter

  • MariTere Cantúe
    MariTere Cantúe Raymondville, TX


  • LuzMa Rivera

    I agree with Leslie idea above. But this bench is awesome