• Barbjones54
    barbjones54 Charlottesville, VA
    I have this same sink. This is what I want to do with mine. Did you have plans to go by?
    • Lori Jackson
      Lori Jackson Broken Bow, NE
      Barbjones54 No plans. I sketched and worked on the door while my huband buit the bench itself. Then we joined the pieces and dropped in the sink.
  • Nancy
    Nancy Reed City, MI
    This is a wonderful idea. Gotta go look through our garage for old stuff.
  • Barbara
    Barbara Lomita, CA
    I love this! The best part of this is the vintage sink you discovered! It's great to turn the vintage things and repurpose them into useful items again. Great job!
  • Lainie Takawe
    Lainie Takawe New Zealand
    I've seen loads of doors turned into potting benches but never with a sink. Looks fabulous.
  • Leah Aaron
    Leah Aaron New Buffalo, MI
    But where did you find that old sink ?? I'd like to install one of those oldies in my utility room for dog bathing . Your bench is also to die for. Hating potting on my knees
Lori J