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  • Jean Quintana
    Jean Quintana Cypress, CA

    Love this! Have you heard about Home & Family TV show looking for a person with DIY skills to add to they TV Show? Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel . It's on 4 hours a day and the time depends if you have satellite or cable TV. I think you could

  • Leslie
    Leslie Methuen, MA

    Nice repurpose Lori!!! Have you thought of fashioning a faucet in the holes in the back of your sink. I see you have the hose nearby. You can get a double connector for the main spout and attach two hoses one for your longer hose and another shorter

  • MariTere Cantúe
    MariTere Cantúe Raymondville, TX


  • LuzMa Rivera

    I agree with Leslie idea above. But this bench is awesome

  • MarketingMomx4
    MarketingMomx4 Kingsport, TN

    Great job - what a fun repurpose!