Potting Bench

When we replaced the old front door on our 100 year old home, I couldn't bring myself to throw the old one away. This is how we transformed it into a potting bench with repurposed lumber and few new bits and pieces.


  • The sink is the original one from the kitchen in the house, salvaged from the cellar.
  • The shelf is a $3 thrift store find.
  • The door knob plates from the old door.
  • The other plate.
  • A couple of clearanced hooks from Hobby Lobby.
  • I installed wire mesh into the window space and added this cross section so I would have a place to mount an old rake head for a tool rack.
  • The bench is in heavy use already.
  • Catherine Vanhorn
    Catherine Vanhorn Trenton, NJ
    I like that idea
  • Von
    Von Tuskegee Institute, AL
    Love this!! I can see something like this in my backyard.
  • Joann Jarvis
    Joann Jarvis Chula Vista, CA
    Love, love love!!!!! It has such character.
  • Barbjones54
    barbjones54 Charlottesville, VA
    I have this same sink. This is what I want to do with mine. Did you have plans to go by?
    • Lori Jackson
      Lori Jackson Broken Bow, NE
      Barbjones54 No plans. I sketched and worked on the door while my huband buit the bench itself. Then we joined the pieces and dropped in the sink.
  • Nancy
    Nancy Reed City, MI
    This is a wonderful idea. Gotta go look through our garage for old stuff.
Lori J