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  • Patty Cronin Harwich, MA
    Love this. Want one!
  • Arline S North Fort Myers, FL
    Very clever, and useful.
  • Harlee Jenkins Charlotte, NC
    MY kinda cute & project!
  • Steve Azarro Santa Ana, CA
    great job! and functional too. maybe the color needs some antiquing
  • Id love to have this my husband would say I was out of my mind but after 40 years you get use to that LOL
  • Jill Puyallup, WA
    Barbara P.. I was thinking the same thing. I have an old sink, still in use though. If I can find a good deep sink to replace the one I have, I would keep it and try and do something like this. Whether I can pull it off or not... that is the question.
    • Denise S. Temecula, CA
      Jill Hi Jill.. Oh yes! Of course You can pull it off! You might need a couple of guys to help you. Those sinks are heavy. Watch your back... Oh the things I could do with a helper.. I thought that was what husbands were for? hmmm.. not mine..
  • Jean M Valdosta, GA
    I have an old front door screen....I've kept it around for a long time, now I know what to do with it ;)....yours is beautiful :). I don't have a sink but maybe I could just make a flat table or have holes to hold potted plants :).
  • Melody McLaughlin Vaughn, MT
    That is soooo Cute. I have a couple doors and some old wood around here but, need to find a sink. Thank you for sharing this. You are very talented.
  • Robin @ Redo It Yourself ... Saratoga Springs, NY
    I love this! Great idea!
  • Isnt that the truth
  • Denise S. Temecula, CA
    Hi Lori,

    I like rust myself.. so it wouldn't bother me if it did! But you are right galvanized shouldn't rust .. but with me even

  • Linda Vancouver, WA
    This is SOOO beautiful! What a great use of leftover treasures!!!
  • I love it will you make one for me too lol