Wallpaper removal

What's the best way to remove wallpaper border and all the glue residue?
  • Jeffrey Whitmer
    Jeffrey Whitmer Port Orange, FL
    Water usually does it. They make a solution of "DIF" at hardware store that helps sometimes. Hopefully the top layer will peel off. If not then sometimes you have to score it to allow water to penetrate
  • Shari
    Shari Tampa, FL
    From my experience, there is no one "best" way to remove wallpaper. It's often a matter of trial and error since what works on one wallpapered area doesn't necessarily work for all wallpapered areas. You just have to experiment because there are so many
  • Cami Baker
    Cami Baker Bedford, IN
    I am wanting to remove the wallpaper from my bathroom. I have only lived here 2 years, but I am pretty sure this wall paper has been up for a while. It is starting to peel in a couple of places and it doesn't seem real thick, but not super thin either. I
  • Shari
    Shari Tampa, FL
    Cami Baker When you are ready to get started, grab the paper where it is starting to peel and pull. Usually there is a top (decorative) layer and a paper backing. If it is already
  • Seidman Paperhanging
    Seidman Paperhanging Collingswood, NJ
    For wallpaper removal over plaster. The walls should be glue sized, not primed. That means that adhesive has impregnated the plaster which will attack new paint and make it alligator. If you want to paint after removing wallpaper you should prime with
  • Colleen
    Colleen Fargo, ND
    Seidman is right. I found out the hard way when removing wallpaper. The paper removal was the easy part. Removal of adhesive was the hardest. When cleaning the walls of adhesive, do not pour your dirty water bucket down the sink. The adhesive will clog
  • The Garden Frog Boutique with C. Renee
    Is the wallpaper vinyl or paper? If you use a spray bottle of warm water and keep spraying warm water and letting it soak where it where it is separating from the wall or at the seams and keep getting it wet. White vinegar is one of the best things to
  • Evie
    Evie Kalona, IA
    Thanks everyone for your help, especially Seidman Paperhanging for your explanation!