Dining Room Turned Black and White Craft Room

A friend of mine had a dining room space that she didn't use much, so she converted it into a stunning black and white craft room! She added French doors to close off her space from the living room and added a large sewing table, a really cool vintage card catalog for storage, a desk and beautiful black and white accents. I am trying to figure out what do do with my home's living room (which only holds two toy chests and a piano), but I am not sure I could be this bold! My home has the same layout as hers -- a combo living room/dining room is the first room to be entered in the home. (Except her space is slightly larger than mine.)
Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://momhomeguide.com/2013/06/24/black-and-white-craft-room-remodel/

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  • Anne
    Anne Palm Bay, FL
    Where can I find a card catalog? I would love one of these.
  • Duval.26
    I also deeply envy the card catalogue... and I rarely see them at auctions or other venues!

    This room is really sharp! It all depends what sort of creative endeavours you get into, though. My one wish is for a table

    • Lauren
      Lauren Hightstown, NJ
      Duval.26 I have been looking for a card catalog for myself -- I love hers!
  • Eunice
    Eunice Hixson, TN
    You can find card catalogs or something similar at antique stores but they are very pricey.
  • Lauren
    Lauren Hightstown, NJ
    Thanks, Eunice!
  • Chisgran
    chisgran Louisville, KY
    I love black walls. Such a bold statement. Beautiful work. You're inspiring me! :-)