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Sempervivum - How to Remake Your Hens and Chicks

I have over 160 different named varieties of Sempervivum, and about once a year, I have to go through and remake them. What does this mean, you ask?
This is when I go through each type, and make sure I don't have any grave jumpers (those are when a chick lands in a neighboring pot, and could be mistakenly grown as that variety, if the grower isn't careful to keep them from jumping).
I also get rid of any that are too big and will most likely start to flower next spring before they produce chicks. I might use these for a craft, or in some cases, send them off in the mail as wedding favors to customers.
As Sempervivum usually only live two to three years, then flower, you're best to keep only the younger plants that will most likely produce chicks for another year before flowering.
I decided this year that growing them in shallow kraft paper pans would be better than trying to keep a multitude of different sized round pots in flats. I am so glad I broke down and did this - it will make it so much easier to keep track of them.
So here's my procedure;

To see more: http://www.drought-smart-plants.com/remaking-hens-and-chicks.html

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