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Iris Beauty ~ Hand Stained Makeover

I came across a Queen Anne accent table on Craig's List for a $25. I was expecting the piece to be a veneer and would probably paint and use for one of my stained art pieces.
But when I got the piece home, I realized it was solid wood, which made me want to keep the stain look rather than paint her.
I stripped it down and got to work on my staining technique of a bearded iris.
At this point, I was beyond frustrated! I was having such a difficult time "seeing" the beautiful iris as I stained. I was so close to scrapping it and sanding it back down. I walked away from it for a little bit and when I went back, things started to come to light for me.
At this stage I struggled with whether to paint, which would modernize the piece some or keep with a stained look. Most of the others' votes were for painting,because the iris would pop off the background better.
HOWEVER, "I" knew I could make it "pop" with stain! I'm a sucker for cherry and mahogany and the Queen Anne style, so I opted for staining the piece with some deep shading...
And she turned out beautifully!
I added some fun color to the little drawer with my Velvet Finishes paints. I mixed Handsome and Eloquent to come up with this lavender-ish hue to complement the iris.
I'm so glad I opted for the stain over paint. I used General Finishes gel stain to get this beautiful, rich color. And sealed it with layers of Varathane.
To see more of my unique, stained furniture art, please take a moment to check out my website! Thanks for looking!

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