About Terri J


Single homeowner who dreams of turning her 1.5 story, three bedroom, 2 bath house into one that has more of a beachy feel to it. Grew up in the south and my heart is still there even though I live in the north now. Every room in my house needs improvement, including the basement whcih gets water in it during torrential rain storms. I am learning more and more each day on what I can do with this house..

Favorite area of home improvement:

Spring, summer and fall - anything outdoors, Wintertime is for indoor projects. Actually, there are many days I wish I could just bulldoze this house over and start again (that is once I get my personal keepsakes out of it). Hoping to have a combination flower and fruit/vegetable garden this year big enough for myself, couple of neighbors and take left overs to the local soup kithcen. I am always on the hunt for bargains and sales, no matter if it is for interior or exterior use, as well as unusual and beautiufl designs. I love trying to put what is in my over creeative head into action with a body that is not so cooperative on the creative level.

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