$4 Mason Jar Light Fixture Update

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I'm in the middle of a bathroom makeover with a mere $100 budget. I spent just $3.87 to update my light fixture by swapping out the dated glass globes with mason jars. The easy 15 minute tutorial is on my blog at Two It Yourself.
  • Update your light fixture with major jars
  • Use a hammer and nail to create a hole in the middle of the lid
  • Put the lid around the light bulb fixture
  • Screw on the mason jars

To see more: http://twoityourself.blogspot.com/2013/08/diy-mason-jar-light-fixture-on-cheap.html

  • Debra Peck
    Debra Peck Groves, TX
    I did this in my store but the light bulbs burn our to fast. Any ideas?
      FULLAIT Clarendon Hills, IL
      Debra Peck Drill many small 1/8" or a little larger holes in the top metal to vent better and let the heat out. Try and keep them a pattern. If you get enough light, also try
  • Gaylemccraw
    gaylemccraw Athens, TN
    Fullait,not a very nice response
    FULLAIT Clarendon Hills, IL
    These are getting popular. Below, I see: HEAT, CURTAINS = FIRE

    If you decide to make these, put some safety thought into it. Vents, Bulb size, Flammable surroundings where

  • Gaylemccraw
    gaylemccraw Athens, TN
    Fullait,I didn't say I was an electrician,My post was only meant to say,I think you could have said it a little kinder to get your point across.
    FULLAIT Clarendon Hills, IL
    I guess you are right. But,Have you ever been in a factory or a submarine or grain elevator? Have you ever tried to apply make up in harsh bluish light? My wife's Lipstick looks purple no matter what color. Then try eye shadow...Have you ever been in a
Melissa @ Two It Yourself

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