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  • Melissa @ Two It Yourself
    @pattiemurphy I would suggest vent holes in most cases. The reason I did skipped this step is bc the fixture is in a powder room where the light is only on for a few minutes at a time. If this was in the kitchen or even a full bath, where the light would
  • Melissa @ Two It Yourself
    *heat sorry for the typos...I am the worst on my phone lol
  • Pattie
    Pattie Pompano Beach, FL
    Thanks for letting me i was going to put one in my kitchen


  • Camilla Hudson
    Camilla Hudson Rockingham, NC
    I think this idea would also work when remodeling a kitchen into a country kitchen. If you have a bar with overhead lights, they would look good over the bar.
  • Diane Kinnaird
    Diane Kinnaird South Vienna, OH
    Perfect....have the exact light fixture in my bathroom w/ 4 lights...doing this as it is a country bath...thank you!
  • Melissa @ Two It Yourself
    Diane Kinnaird I get more compliments on that little light fixture than anything else in the bathroom :) I'm sure it will look great in your country bath
  • Gregjoemomma
    Melissa @ Two It Yourself Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I am totally going to do this!
  • Christine
    Christine Lake Charles, LA
    I am building a house.....the in side will be farm house/western the lights are a must thanks
  • Mark Verrico
    Mark Verrico Montoursville, PA
    What makes the lid not slide off? Would love to try this!!
  • Holly
    Holly Canada
    I love this, and I'm going to do it out in my sunroom! Thanks for the idea!
  • Sharon Jean
    Sharon Jean Middleburg, FL
    Would you put holes in the mason jar due to the heat? How would you do this without breaking the mason jars?
  • Debra Embury
    Debra Embury Nauvoo, AL
    Sharon, you make holes in the lid of the mason jar.
  • Debra Embury
    Debra Embury Nauvoo, AL
    We did this over our bar. It looks fabulous!
  • Alana Curry
    Alana Curry Aylett, VA
    I have out house stuff for my bathroom.I have white wainscoating around bottom of walls that is white.....its a beach theme now ideas? hope i find my way back here lol
  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor Olive Branch, MS
    I'm not understading where the lid ( and screw part of lid) are attached/installed so you can attach jar?
Melissa @ Two It Yourself

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