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Fill, Thrill, and Spill! 30 Creative Garden Container Ideas

Flower pots 3 days ago
Do you know the expression "Fill, thrill, spill!" for choosing container plants? Whoever came up with that was right on the money for understanding what makes a plant container look great.
.**Fill it with plants! Pick something contrasting for a colour, height, or texture thrill. And always have something spilling over the edge. And, for a special focal point, pick a container so unexpected, you can't help but love it.
I collect garden ideas everywhere I go. These are some favourite garden planters and unusual containers from my own garden and ones I have toured. You can see a whole bunch more here: http://www.empressofdirt.net/gardencontainerideas/
I hope you get some ideas you can take home.

To see more: http://www.empressofdirt.net/grdencontainerideas/

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  • Esther Mendez
    Esther Mendez Fresno, CA

    I love the mother earth trees, flower brusches I can go on and on.

  • Heather Scott

    Best job Ive ever had - will miss when I retire later this year

  • Nancy S
    Nancy S Lagrange, GA

    I love all the places that I get to go in to being in this community. IF you find a link to someone's garden it is HIGHLY likely that before that trip is over and looking for things to DIY.. there will be another avenue to be directed down into

    • Empress of Dirt - Melissa

      @Nancy S It's quite wonderful, isn't it? We're having a snow storm as I write this, so I too wish I could be doing these things now! Glad you're enjoying yourself. :)

  • Jay
    Jay India

    So beautiful!!!

  • JoAnn Preen
    JoAnn Preen Dalton, MA

    I have three whisky barrels, which during the months spring to fall fill up with water and do not drain so I am unable to plant flowers. The one I made into a bird bath for the birds, which they love. I have a large rock on top of the soil where they

    • Empress of Dirt - Melissa

      @JoAnn Preen I would either drill some holes in the bottom or use containers (with drainage holes) within the whiskey barrel instead.