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The Easiest Rust Remover

I’m a really big fan of rescuing objects, because I don’t believe in throwing things away that still have use in them. Sometimes though you get something and think, “that’s the end of this”, like this rusty pan. But then I found this great tip to remove rust from metal using coke and tinfoil.
Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $2 Difficulty: Easy
  • the easiest rust remover
Here’s my rusty pan. It's clearly seen too many cheesecakes. I didn't think I could bake with it again.
Step 1: Gather Your Materials
  • the easiest rust remover
All I used was a bottle of coke and a scrunched up piece of tinfoil.
Step 2: Pour the Coke
  • the easiest rust remover
I poured the coke all over my pan. There is some chemical reaction that quickly gets the rust off. This is mostly surface rust, so I could wipe it off after a few minutes. For deeper rust you have to let it sit for longer.
Step 3: Scrub with Foil
  • the easiest rust remover
The coke loosens all the rust, and the foil takes it off. With just a few scrubs all the rust comes off.
Step 4: Rinse Your Pan
  • the easiest rust remover
Just rinse the coke and rust off your pan. My hands actually got kinda orange while doing this. I'm not sure why...
  • the easiest rust remover
Tada! All clean. Instant rust remover.
  • the easiest rust remover
Look at the difference! Now I can bake again!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Bottle of coke
  • Tinfoil
  • Verna Seward


    • P
      P Henderson, NV


  • Pat Lesh

    Wouldn't the tinfoil leave some kind of marks (Even the slightest of scratch). This is a new pan.

    • P
      P Henderson, NV


  • Jeff
    Jeff Highlands, TX

    I use this 'trick' all the time. The Coke removes the rust. Even works on rusty cast iron. It will even turn deep pitted rust to 'black rust' that you can season right over. Have rescued many cast iron skillets this way. Never have used the tin foil

  • Karen Ulibarri
    Karen Ulibarri Safford, AZ

    Where do you find "tinfoil"? All I have seen is aluminum.

  • Walter
    Walter Binghamton, NY

    I KNOW why it was called an icebox. It no longer exists. Neither does tin foil.

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