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Upcycling - 5 New Uses For Old Things in Home Decor

I know that I have covered this topic in the past, but seriously some of the people I have come across in blogs or on Pinterest are super duper creative! I have to continue to spread the good word on Up-cycling! I love finding new ways to use old things!! I am going crazy here at work now, because it motivates me to get more creative. I think the only thing in the recent past that I have up-cycled is a old bathroom storage shelf. Check it out here!

To see more: http://artsandclassy.blogspot.com/2013/08/upcycling-5-new-uses-for-old-things-in.html

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  • Donnagmckay

    Very creative love it!!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Sylena Love Ross
    Sylena Love Ross Houston, TX

    Thx for the idea. I wonder if I could use some old wooden thread stools I inherited?
    Did u use any kind of sealer? Possibility of using heat tolerate sealer to use as pot coasters?

    • Leah M
      Leah M Austin, TX

      @Sylena Love Ross Those are corks so there's no need for a heat sealer. I'm pretty sure if you used old wooden thread spools they would be fine from heat, but not so sure about water... might want to put a cork sheet on the bottom or poly them to

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn Falkville, AL

    Thanks for sharing - great ideas.

  • Pdmullgirl
    Pdmullgirl Caliente, NV

    Awesome stuff! I want to make one of those old book bird houses! So cute. Thanks for sharing!

  • Joie Mojica Gahum

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