How do I repair a kitchen cabinet that is pulling away from the wall?

  • Rose Hammond
    Rose Hammond Selma, NC
    Have someone very strong take it down and re-screw it to the wall. Empty it immediatley.
  • Rose Hammond
    Rose Hammond Selma, NC
    Have it taken down or remounted. To remount it you need to find the stud in the wall and have at least one,maybe more long screws drilled through the back of the cabinet into the wall stud. That's what I would do anyway.
  • Paul R
    Paul R Mandeville, LA
    Dear Cathy,

    Rosemary is right. You need to empty it As soon as possible. Can you tell me if the cabinet is coming apart or is it

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Is this a stand alone cabinet? sometimes wit smaller cabinets they do not line up with the studs and need to "share" support with its neighbors. When a row of cabinets are installed they are screwed to studs but also each other. If you do not have