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  • Karen Darby
    Karen Darby Warren, MI

    Coke cleans anything that has rust on it. Denture tablets also clean hard water stains off of glass and toothpaste is great for cleaning your jewerly.

  • Celeste Clark
    Celeste Clark Warren, MI

    Coke or Pepsi will also take off road asphalt that they patch the potholes with. Won't ruin the paint job either.

  • Caron Faherty
    Caron Faherty Stuart, FL

    And, people drink this??

  • Marie Mealy
    Marie Mealy Warren, OH

    thank you for dog commentand all others her name is Jinga the Dog that is lol. she is a rescue I never go to a pet store to buy a dog i have 4 rescues and 6 cats and all are rescues any one want a cat lol

  • Debby

    Some one told me once that coke can be used in a toilet overnight to get rid of stains. I don't know. I've never tried it.

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