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  • Susan B Morriston, FL
    This was a large black plastic tub. Painted, added rub on decals, sealed. Added blue plumbago and other plants. Can't wait for plants to mature a bit!
  • Carolyn Ellison Belton, SC
    How do you keep misquitos out of the water garden?? Love the idea, don't like the insects!!!
    • Carolyn Ellison You can get mosquito fish free - call a local nursery that sells pond plants - and there are also little pellets or floaters that the larvae eat and die. A couple of goldfish will also do the trick!
  • Debbi C Prattville, AL
    Love them all!!!!! This is such a wonderful place to come for inspiration and Franceen, you take the cake in that dept.!!!!
  • Fran Barrett Decatur, GA
    Love love love it! How wonderful and beautifully quirky!
  • Lucy Kirkwood Port Charlotte, FL
    have the chair covered with ivy and my teacups have Jonny jump ups growing ,will get a few pics i just love this site
  • Empress of Dirt - Melissa You continue to amaze me! Love your ideas. I am past the wagon accessability, but I may never pay to discard my tires again, some paint, dirt and plants can make some amazing sculptures in the yard. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Larri Armand Alexandria, LA
    Great ideas, love the wagons, thank you for sharing such creative ideas.
  • April Lawrenceville, GA
    Empress of Dirt - Melissa - You're welcome! :D
  • I have chairs with old bird bath bowls and love using old pots and cups and pretty glassware to hold small plants. The succulents certainly adapt well to the small containers. I'm now inspired to do some small water gardens. Your ideas are lovely.
  • I love the site and could spend hours here looking at all of the wonderful ideas.
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    I loved them all but the tire planters were exceptionally good,as it looked colorful and bright. addingnew look to the garden. Very nice and creative ideas. Thanks for posting thepictures on board.