White Garden Cottage...

we just built this shed in my garden. we recycled the windows, floor, doors and trim pieces. it took us about 9 weekends to finish it and cost just under $1000. it's 10' x 10' x 12'
Difficulty: Moderate
  • bits and pieces of the shed.
  • we recycled our old 10 x10 deck, for the flooring.
  • after framing, we added zinc roof panels. we etched the zinc with toilet bowl cleaner, and threw some table salt on top of that, they sat in the sun for 2 hrs, and were rinsed with baking soda to neutralize the etching.
  • after the siding was done, an old chippy door was installed. we cut a porch post in half and added them to either side of door. on top is an old header from a piece of furniture. i collected all of these things over the years.
  • we had 2 leaded glass windows for years, and decided to use them on the front. i used a scroll saw to cut the detail in the bottom trim and added a metal applique.
  • on the right side, we recycled french doors from our recent house remodel.
  • on the left side, are 3 windows from the same remodel. to save money, we used 6' fence pickets for most of the trim.
  • inside is the fireplace my husband built for the garden last year.
  • it has electricity and there is an old chandelier (that needs rewiring). but, it's so bright and cheerful inside, i won't miss it for now.
  • time for landscaping:)

To see more: http://www.shabbystory.com/2013/08/cottage.html

  • Pamela
    Pamela Powhatan, VA
    This is AMAZING! I truly love your enchanted cottage. I love your repurposing what you already have. I'm so excited for you! Its a complete success! Please keep us updated on any work you do to it. ok?
  • Lynn at shabby story
    thanks so much for your sweet comments, pamela! it was a lot of hard work, but, we love it:)
  • Kathy
    Kathy Sarasota, FL
    Would love to see finished product on the inside . Love it !!!!
  • Lynn at shabby story
    thank you kathy:) it's been a storage unit until this spring. we are getting ready to move, so, it's pretty empty right now. i'm going to miss it.
  • Patricia
    Patricia Lebanon, OH
    I want one! You did an amazing job.
Lynn at shabby story