Awesome Remodels 03.26.14

White Garden Cottage...

we just built this shed in my garden. we recycled the windows, floor, doors and trim pieces. it took us about 9 weekends to finish it and cost just under $1000. it's 10' x 10' x 12'
Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://www.shabbystory.com/2013/08/cottage.html

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  • Nancy Metairie, LA
    This is so dang adorable!!!! Great job and thanks for sharing. :)
  • Dannie Waco, TX
    i want it!!!
  • thanks, dannie:)
  • Kathy H Louisburg, NC
    I especially appreciate that you included how long the project took. Really nicely done.
  • thank you, kathy:) we wanted to enjoy the process, and just worked on it, now and again. someone else could be built it much quicker:)
  • Faith Hewes Newport, NC
    i'm guessing that u had most of the items.... why it only cost under 1000.00
  • yep, we recycled the doors, flooring, windows, and trim:)
  • Pazazz Mexico
    Luv to see photos when you are finished. Didn't build casita in courtyard at our Baja place, but having fun visiting "segundas" for 2nd hand pieces to fit in. Going for nautical look so going to paint the interior walls white with a marine blue stripe.
  • your place is gorgeous! it will be fun to see the after pics:)
  • Simply gorgeous! Great job and way to recycle!
  • thanks so much!!
  • MiaFleur United Kingdom
    This looks so beautiful!! I love all the quirky touches around the door and windows, its so unique :)
  • thanks so very much! we had fun putting it together:)
  • Kristina Woods Morganton, NC
    I love your eye foe recycling things I like to do that as well. Very cute