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White Garden Cottage...

we just built this shed in my garden. we recycled the windows, floor, doors and trim pieces. it took us about 9 weekends to finish it and cost just under $1000. it's 10' x 10' x 12'
Difficulty: Medium
  • white garden cottage, diy, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

To see more: http://www.shabbystory.com/2013/08/cottage.html

  • Kathy
    Kathy Sarasota, FL

    Would love to see finished product on the inside . Love it !!!!

  • Lynn at shabby story

    thank you kathy:) it's been a storage unit until this spring. we are getting ready to move, so, it's pretty empty right now. i'm going to miss it.

  • Patricia
    Patricia Lebanon, OH

    I want one! You did an amazing job.

  • Cindycaretto
    Cindycaretto Big Bear Lake, CA

    I will take it!

  • Lynn at shabby story

    :). I wish I could take it to our next home!

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