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A Surprising Way to Prevent Soap Scum Build-up on Glass Shower Doors

For the very first time, I am having to deal with a glass shower door in the bathroom. This means I notice soap scum build-up so much more than ever before! I was wracking my brain to come up with a way to make this cleaning process easier and I had this revelation... SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS HERE: http://www.idreamofclean.net/a-surprising-way-to-prevent-soap-scum-build-up-on-glass-shower-doors/

To see more: http://www.idreamofclean.net/a-surprising-way-to-prevent-soap-scum-build-up-on-glass-shower-doors/

  • Diane Becker
    Diane Becker Round Rock, TX
    on Aug 22, 2013

    I also spray it on my bathroom mirrors.

  • Carolyn Wells
    Carolyn Wells Fort Wayne, IN
    on Aug 22, 2013

    you would have to start with a clean door...no scum to remove?

  • Waynne Carr
    Waynne Carr Hilton Head Island, SC
    on Aug 22, 2013

    Make sure that your door is very clean first. Suggest cleaning glass door with white vinegar and backing soda first, then ad the Rain-X

  • Marsha
    Marsha Yonkers, NY
    on Aug 22, 2013

    I wonder if this would be good on the tiles in the shower.

  • Linda Reardon Henry
    Linda Reardon Henry New Richmond, OH
    on Aug 22, 2013

    to remove scum if you need to clr 123 bathroom and kitchen cleaner is the way to go. Promise . then Rain-X

    • D'Ann Scamardo
      D'Ann Scamardo Bryan, TX
      on Aug 22, 2013

      @Linda Reardon Henry what is "123 bathroom and kitchen cleaner"?

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