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A Surprising Way to Prevent Soap Scum Build-up on Glass Shower Doors

For the very first time, I am having to deal with a glass shower door in the bathroom. This means I notice soap scum build-up so much more than ever before! I was wracking my brain to come up with a way to make this cleaning process easier and I had this revelation... SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS HERE: http://www.idreamofclean.net/a-surprising-way-to-prevent-soap-scum-build-up-on-glass-shower-doors/

To see more: http://www.idreamofclean.net/a-surprising-way-to-prevent-soap-scum-build-up-on-glass-shower-doors/

  • Meburke
    Meburke Darien, IL
    on Nov 3, 2015

    Thanks Betty,I will try the auto wax馃憤馃徏

  • Barb
    Barb Jordan, MN
    on Nov 24, 2015

    I was even using Rain X on the inside of the shower but read that it might damage your faucets over time. Now I am careful not to get it on them.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Monsey, NY
    on Jun 22, 2016

    You can also try asking all household members to dry the glass after they shower with their towel before throwing it into the laundry. This will keep the door clear and is especially beneficial in regions that suffer from hard water & calcification build up (which is very difficult to clean).

  • Moodydiane
    on Sep 15, 2016

    I placed a spring loaded drapery rod inside my shower at the level of the glass door horizontal frame. It doesn't show from the outside. Then added a Dollar Store white shower curtain liner to the rod. I pull the curtain over my glass door when I shower, and pull it back to the end when not in use so it isn't so noticeable. Works great for us.

    • Carey
      Carey Washtucna, WA
      on Nov 9, 2016

      Moodydiane, What a good solution to a never ending problem. I love the idea and the peaceful, kind solution.

  • Mishalucy
    on Mar 9, 2017

    I use a 50/50 solution of rubbibg alcohol/water that I put in a garden pump sprayer (walmart $4.88). Pump up pressure and Spray shower every couple of days and squeegie. The pump makes a fine mist. Have used this for years. Tile and glass is very clean.

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