Here are some photos of Kitchen Remodels we have completed.

Kitchen 2 hours ago

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  • Marianne Adam
    Marianne Adam Centereach, NY
    that it probably comes w/a chef because if I could afford this kitchen I certainly can afford a chef!
  • Karol Singleton
    I am keeping this picture of the White kitchen.. its going to be at the top of my wish list / dream list. Only draw back I see.. and its my preference.. is the stainless steal appliances in any of the pictures. Stainless is entirely over rated.. its
  • Karol Singleton
    The floor is extremely easy to care for.. and keep shiney.. all you have to have is a steam cleaner.. and clean water to put in it. I have used a Bisell or a Shark cleaner on a floor much like this.. people just love the look. Most think it is stll wet.
  • Genevieve Carter
    Genevieve Carter Nacogdoches, TX
    Love the reflections! Looks like water instead of ground!
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    I have seen that first photo before and could not help but wonder how hard it is to keep shiny.... it looks like a black tinted MIRROR.... I wonder what it is like walking on it, like walking in space? Oh yes, it is gorgeous. I would love to have any
  • Nilda C
    Nilda C Lindenhurst, NY
    Love the floor!
  • Terri Loehr Landau
    Terri Loehr Landau Albertville, AL
    I want one! It's open, spacious, seats many, yet tidy and compact and I could reach everything in the "V" zone!
  • Pam Tollardo
    Pam Tollardo Ridgecrest, CA
    Love the 2nd kitchen... Love everything about it. The first kitchen is too white for me. The 3rd is nice but I don't like the way the floor is cut.
  • Lisa Sidle
    Lisa Sidle Heath, OH
    I absolutely loved the counter space & openess of this kitchen
  • Adriana P
    Adriana P El Paso, TX
    I love the sleek look to the black and white kitchen. I think I just found my "Dream Kitchen"
  • Art Harding Construction Inc
    Thanks for all the great comments. The photography was done by SLR Proshots of Orlando and it is an actual photo. The flooring is 24"x24" Absolute Black Polished Granite. The cabinets are wood with a high gloss lacquer finish and the counter tops are
  • Paula W
    oops sorry that should have been cooking
  • Paula W
    definately clean itself that way I could make as big a mess as I wanted cleaning and not have to worry aboutit.
  • Design Time for Homes, Atlanta
    Wow, that floor is so shiny, I thought surely this is a computer generated picture. This kitchen is a piece of art!
  • Pam R
    Pam R Petaluma, CA
    I love the quality of the "White" kitchen, but it looks to sterile for my taste. The other two are more my taste...and again the quality is tops!
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