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Bathroom Remodel Using a Sewing Machine Table for a Vanity.

The bathroom was tiny and I kept whacking my hip on the corner of the ugly, builder-grade 'oak' vanity. The new vanity is made from an old sewing machine table and the whole project was completed on less than $100.

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  • Dana Corby
    Dana Corby Anderson Island, WA

    Thanks to all the new folks who like my bathroom remodel! really appreciated!
    Sherie Walden, I'd think many sewing table styles, especially the ones with drawers, would make great computer stations or microwave stands...

  • Marianna
    Marianna Clarksville, TN

    This post made me smile! I am in the process of doing the same thing, except I bought a white vessel sink for the table...this is making a HUGE difference in my tiny bathroom upstairs!!

  • Lynn
    Lynn Rehoboth Beach, DE

    Love this idea, as I have a tiny bathroom. Where did you buy the lighist - it is very pretty.

  • Dana Corby
    Dana Corby Anderson Island, WA

    Glad you like it, Lynn. The chandelier came with the house -- it's just a cheap, builder-grade brass fixture. You can buy them in thrift stores if you're really going for cheap, but they're $50 or less in the local Home Depot. I hated it where it

  • Neeceeskitchen77

    I'm seriously thinking about doing this project because it's gonna do two things, uncluttered my dinning area & offer me a beautiful change to my bathroom! LOVE this!

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