Organizing With Hangers

Organizing Ideas 04.22.16
Lots of ways to use hangers to organize - a great way to organize without spending a fortune! If you are looking to take care of all your organizing in one way, this one will do it!
Difficulty: Easy

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  • Nancy Spencer Carlson
    Useful info, for sure. Over on the blog, Doris also suggested hanging tablecloths. Great idea!
  • Sandy Lopez
    Sandy Lopez Ruskin, FL
    super idea. Going to do this in my closet...
  • Deborah
    Deborah Spanaway, WA
    Great ideas especially the flip flop and hat ideas. Lord knows we have a lot of both. :-)
  • Sammokka
    sammokka Hanover, PA
    All good ideas; Thanks!!!
  • Barbara
    Barbara Lomita, CA
    Living as close to the beach as we do, we've collected an assortment of beach towels. I've hung all of them together in a hall closet on a wood pants hanger with a metal hook for strength. It keeps them out of the linen closet (more room) and it's easy
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