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  • Faith Hewes Newport, NC
    why do u only show half of them ?!
  • Heather McDonald Pittsburgh, PA
    I need a bigger closet!
  • Jackie Steel Holiday, FL
    I did the shower curtain rings & hung my belts, Never thought of hats. I've got lots of hats between mine & my husbands. Love all the ideas especially the flip flop one. Thanks for the tips.
  • Linda Frederick Bellevue, NE
    Great Ideas
  • Margaret Welker Angleton, TX
    very clever ideas. Slapping my head, like why didn't I think of that,lol.
  • Gerri Smith Veatch Lockport, IL
    Love, Love, Love these ideas. Another little tip is to get your curtain clips and showers rings at thrift stores dirt cheap.
  • Diane Durham Blanchard, OK
    This is very neat and I am going to share it with a good friend of mind.
  • Dayoris Custom Hialeah, FL
    This is very smart and cute!
  • Colleen S Rockford, MI
    This would work for ties too!
  • Pamela Kelseyville, CA
    Great ideal!!!!
  • Debbie Boltz Waterloo, IA
    Nice idea but I just don't have the extra closet space in my house.
  • Suzette T Philadelphia, PA
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING ! I have literally found limitless ways to use the combinations of shower curtain rings and hangers. There is simply no limit to the things you can organize, store, and or pack away using these every day items.Like scarves great for
  • L.E. & Company Creal Springs, IL
    ....Hmmm, not sure what's going on, with clicking member's blogs, on my ipad....while on blog, trying to scroll down to view the posts, my ipad keeps going down?....Guess this site is not geared for this gadget!....I tried to view all your great ideas,
  • Jane Menges Belleville, MI
    Lots of great ideas! I have so many scarves--I wonder if I could hang them from the ceiling?? I cannot part with any of them--I started this collection in high school. I graduated from HS in 1959! Then went on to nursing school. Worked for 50 years in
  • It never occurred to me to combine shower curtain rings or clothes pins to make organizers. These are really great ideas.