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Painting a Front Walk

I had a problem with my front walk. it had a big hole that just seemed to get bigger every year, it got so big that we decided that it needed to be fixed. the hole was 3 feet wide and 4 feet long, so we filled in the hole, it took six bags of cement to fill it in. then I noticed that the hole was a different color then the rest of the front walk.
so I got this idea to paint the walk. I just didn't know how I was going to do it. I just didn't want to paint it all one color. then I saw a post of someone that painted their front porch with spray paint and a cement mold. I knew with the size of the walk way it would have taken a lot of spray paint. then I got an idea why not paint it with paint made for cement. I chose 5 colors, a light gray for the base color,( it took 2 1/2 gallons) and four for the stone look.( a gallon of each color) it took me 4 days to paint it. I had to let the base paint dry for 48 hours. or it would have been done in two days,
everyone that has seen it loves it. and now my neighbor wants to do t to his front walk. I want to thank that person with the mold idea for giving me my idea. I had so much fun. I have enough paint left over that I can do my back porch now.
  • Teri
    Teri Ferndale, WA

    Peggy I was the one that spray painted the walk. I didn't use paint because my cement paint I used before on my walks never held up...don't know why. I only did three colors with cement spray paint so the cost wasn't bad. Your right everyone that see

    • GeeJudy
      GeeJudy Denver, CO

      @Teri looks really nice

  • Kathleen Burns Pollard
    Kathleen Burns Pollard Apple Valley, CA

    Never would have thought to paint the scalloped brick too! Great idea. Looks good. @Teri Looks good too. Nice to see 2 different options! I am so not creative but love to create!!!! Thanks to both of you.

  • Linda Mil
    Linda Mil Lincoln, NE

    You folks who have been brave enough to try this project, have inspired me!! Our sidewalk needs some updating!! This just might be the answer to my problems!! Kudos, for your creativity!!

  • Juli Capo
    Juli Capo Summerville, SC

    Love it!

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Livingston, TX

    Great job. Thanks for posting.

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