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New House 03.11.15

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I saw some card catalog projects a year ago and decided that I MUST HAVE ONE! So, after scouring Craigslist, I scored a great piece. Now, after a year, it's finally finished! It's been cut in half, primed, painted, sealed and now holds all of my craft goodies!
  • This is one half of the original piece. The catalog was huge!
  • Yes, I actually did wind all of my embroidery thread onto bobbins just to fit the drawer!
  • The rods were missing, but that's no big deal.
  • Here's the other half of the catalog.
  • I love my alphabet stamps!
  • Now my grandmother's knitting needles have a home.

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  • Intelletta
    Intelletta Montgomery, IN
    I was able to obtain 3 library card catalogs from a old library, these dated back to only the 60's. One that I redid and put in my kitchen was all wood with 30 drawers across, I painted it white, took the pulls out and replaced with whimisical knobs
  • Lillian S
    Lillian S Round Rock, TX
  • Intelletta
    Intelletta Montgomery, IN
    I have a pic posted on my pinterest site , look up Teresa Cook, Montgomery, IN, et go to my ME board, you will see it. For some reason I cannot get it to upload here
    • Pat Nolan
      Pat Nolan Pasadena, TX
      Karen Cericola I went looking too. I found her on the 4th row of Teresa Cooks. She used the same photo. The card catalog looks nice.
  • Diane Brown
    Diane Brown Murfreesboro, TN
    I have a sixty drawer one that I originally bought for audiotapes about 15 years ago. Now it is full of my craft supplies.
    • Intelletta
      Intelletta Montgomery, IN
      Diane Brown Diane, I am a "crafter" also and do love these card catalogs for organizing everything one can use/obtain to help with doing crafts.. the one I have in the basement
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    LOVE it! I am not a crafter, but I sure do have lots of stuff that gets jumbled in the drawers in my kitchen. Wouldn't it be great to have one of these in the kitchen? Just think, every item would have its own drawer! HA! (I have dreams of building the

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