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  • Steve Harpster North Las Vegas, NV
    very nice. I need one for my veggie seeds
  • Eleanor Williams Malakoff, TX
    I have a small card catalog & use it to hold my embellishments for scrapbooking. Your embroidery thread in a drawer just gave me a new idea. Thank you!!!!
  • Meg S Arlington Heights, IL
    I hope to find one now that i want tone! Thanks for sharing!
  • Nevin Hartman Mechanicsville, VA
    I was able to locate a metal card catalog and have lined each drawer with a piece of felt and now store all of my wine in it! I absolutely love the industrial look of the gray metal!
  • Bobbie M Des Moines, IA
    i luv it!
  • Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
    That's the most useful thing!
  • Rose Toellner Duncan, OK
    That's wonderful! I wish I had room in my craft room!
  • Intelletta Montgomery, IN
    I was able to obtain 3 library card catalogs from a old library, these dated back to only the 60's. One that I redid and put in my kitchen was all wood with 30 drawers across, I painted it white, took the pulls out and replaced with whimisical knobs
  • Lillian S Round Rock, TX
  • Intelletta Montgomery, IN
    I have a pic posted on my pinterest site , look up Teresa Cook, Montgomery, IN, et go to my ME board, you will see it. For some reason I cannot get it to upload here
    • Karen Cericola Albuquerque, NM

      , I tried to look at your card catalogs on your pinterest board, but it doesn't let us search with the city or state.

  • Diane Brown Murfreesboro, TN
    I have a sixty drawer one that I originally bought for audiotapes about 15 years ago. Now it is full of my craft supplies.
    • Intelletta Montgomery, IN
      Diane Brown Diane, I am a "crafter" also and do love these card catalogs for organizing everything one can use/obtain to help with doing crafts.. the one I have in the basement organizes all