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I saw a bowl made with autumn leaves using Modge Podge - how to make

PK Last reply on Nov 6, 2015

Need to know what to mold the leaves to & if I can use fake leaves

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  • Therese C
    Therese C Greenfield, IA
    on Aug 31, 2013

    You can use fake or silk leaves. To shape them I would suggest turning a bowl upside down and dipping the first layer in the Modge Podge glue, then gently pressing them to the bowl to shape the entire structure, one layer at a time. Once dry you should be able to remove your leaf bowl fairly easily. I suggest a glass bowl. I have seen these done using an inflated balloon as a mold too and then popping and peeling the balloon once it dries. Just shape the 'bowl as far up the balloon as you need to get the size of bowl you desire.

  • Peggy Holbrook
    Peggy Holbrook Milan, TN
    on Aug 31, 2013

    Many thanks Therese - I had thought about the balloon but glass bowl is a good idea.

  • Therese C
    Therese C Greenfield, IA
    on Aug 31, 2013

    Glad to help!

  • Mary Insana
    Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA
    on Aug 31, 2013

    Don't you think the modge podge would make the leaves stick to the glass bowl ? Maybe cover the outside of the bowl with plastic wrap or foil to help the leaves to not stick to the bowl

  • Marcia
    Marcia Palm Bay, FL
    on Sep 5, 2015

    Tried a failed miserably. The leaves did not stay on no matter what I tried. It's really pretty wish I had succeeded.

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