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Using thinset mortar as grout

i am working on a tile project for a tub surround.  I am using 4x4 tiles with a very tiny grout line.  Can I use the mortar/thinset as the grout since the lines are so tiny? I know the grout line has to be sealed when finished.  Thanks in advance for sharing.
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO

    Thin set is a bit different than grout. Fine grout lines should be done with "non-sanded" grout ( up to 1/8") for joints larger than this sanded grout is stronger and less prone to cracking.
    For angle changes I like to use caulk ( floor to wall,

  • Paul Bove Ceramic Tile
    Paul Bove Ceramic Tile Silverado, CA

    Negitive. Like said above, use unsanded grout. You will not like the result with thinset.