Awesome Remodels 09.04.14
Custom piece for client, we picked up the buffet off CL for $20 added some paint used a beautiful stencil on top and waa-la-la...a gorgeous buffet!!!
  • Tcl
    Tcl Berea, KY
    this is lovely ! now i know what i'll be doing w/ my old bureau- the stencil on top really make this POP !! so glad you have wonderful ideas ! thank-you !
  • Docdana
    Docdana Canonsburg, PA
    Really beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  • Linda Stroney
    Linda Stroney Owensville, MO
    Love the wood especially, what a wonderful piece, not just painted white like so many old ones. Great Look.
  • Roxanne
    Roxanne Gibbstown, NJ
    Classy different...gorgeous!
  • Lovette
    Lovette Richmond, TX
    This is beautiful. Great detail. Gave me an idea about repurposing an old media cabinet I have. Thanks.
  • Anne Marie Morris
    Anne Marie Morris Panama City, FL
    That is just drop dead gorgeous!!!
  • Carolann
    Carolann Bethlehem, PA
    What color stain is that? It's amazing! Great job!
    • Liz @ Aqua Elephant
      Liz @ Aqua Elephant Kimberling City, MO
      Carolann Thank you so much! I didn't have to use any stain, the drawers were in great shape-just a little wax on them!
  • Deanna Ames
    Deanna Ames Chadwick, IL
    What exactly did you have to do? I have my grandmother's cabinet I would like to do something like this.
    • Liz @ Aqua Elephant
      Liz @ Aqua Elephant Kimberling City, MO
      Deanna Ames Not too much other than paint, stencil and wax. I know it sound weird but I let the piece guide me along. If you want more information don't hesitate to message me!!!!
  • Brenda Young
    Brenda Young Delray Beach, FL
    Beautiful work Liz! love the paint colors you chose to go with the stain , what brand did you use? Love that red!
  • Julie
    Julie Midwest, WY
    Beautiful! Can you share the source for the stencil?
  • Carolann
    Carolann Bethlehem, PA
    oh wow so that was the color when you got it? Gorgeous color too! Thx much!
  • Donna
    Donna Coventry, CT
    I love this. I know just the piece I want to do this to. Thanks for your creativeness
  • Margaret Dillard
    Margaret Dillard Land O Lakes, FL
    Wow what a beautiful job!!!
  • Bonnie Lewenza
    Beautiful piece, I love the color choice on this goes well with the wood. You have to love those cheap thrift finds or freebies.
  • Bonnie Lewenza
    I know the knobs are not cheap, although you can always go to your Habitat store and they usually have all kinds of hardware. You just have to take the time to sift through them, I got some really nice ones there for real cheap like 50 cents a piece.
Liz @ Aqua Elephant