Microwave Kills Germs in Sponges


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Study shows zapping sponges and plastic scrubbing pads in the microwave can kill bacteria, such as E. coli, that can cause illness.

I microwave my sponge according to how often I cook usually every other day.

  • Using your microwave for 2 minutes to clean your sponge
  • Microwave only sponges or plastic scrubbers that do not contain steel or other metals. . Two minutes should be enough to kill most disease-causing germs. Be careful in removing the...
  • After cleaning my sponge I wipe it out immediately with disinfecting wipes (the sponge cleaning leaves the microwave moist and loosens food enough to do a quick cleaning.
  • Make sure the sponge or scrubber is wet, not dry.

To see more: http://www.onemoretimeevents.com

  • Tammy H
    Tammy H Corona, CA
    Been doing for a long time here too...I just thought I would share since I was doing it at the time....:)
  • Kelli Magnus
    Kelli Magnus Galesville, WI
    I always microwave my sponges. Put em in a micro safe dish and boil away :) Nice and fresh
  • Barbara Sherman
    Barbara Sherman Orlando, FL
    Throw them away after a week. they are cheap enough to buy in the dollar store
  • Tammy H
    Tammy H Corona, CA
    Yes the are cheap enough but honestly only takes a few minutes to clean, plus why waste the gas and time for one sponge.
  • Carla
    Carla Griffin, GA
    The mesh strainer for the kitchen drain, bathtub stopper & vegetable brush needs to go in the dishwasher, as well as the sink stoppers & scrub brushes.
Tammy H

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