Protecting Your Garden, Trees And Landscape From Deer

Outdoor Decor 5 days ago
They come a few times each week to our blog from all over. Questions from those wanting to know how they can protect their plants from marauding deer!

Although our garden fence is only about 5′ high – it does seem to keep the deer from just waltzing through.

We have been fairly lucky at the farm when it comes to damage from bucks and does. For the most part – our 5’ high post and board fence has kept them from strolling through our garden. In addition, our heavy plantings of ornamental grasses and peppers throughout the landscape (low on their “love to eat list”) have never seemed to interest them.

But we are not immune from their damage. Just last fall – they destroyed our newly planted and unprotected apple trees – stripping the bark clean, and ripping the leaves to shreds.

Deer Damage:The deer destroyed two of our newly planted and unprotected fruit trees last fall.

The truth is, when it comes to deer – unless you are willing, able and ready to build some pretty high and expensive fencing -

  • Learning our lesson from last year – all of our orchard trees are now covered with deer fencing for the fall, winter and early spring months.
  • Ornamental Hot Peppers and Ornamental Grasses are two plants deer don’t seem to enjoy. We use them in our landscape
  • Super Hot Habanero’s make an excellent deer repellent spray.
  • Eggs and water make a great deer repellent as well.

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  • Barbara
    Barbara Watkinsville, GA
    Thanks Judy. It's cold now and plants are not out. I'll use this idea next year.
  • Barbara
    Barbara Watkinsville, GA
    Thanks for your suggestions. My neighbor fed the deer shelled corn. After they ate her dinner they came to my yard and had desert. I tried a lot of things you mentioned and after all these years I have a lot of deer resistant plants. Herbs have been left
    • Judy
      Judy Grants Pass, OR
      Barbara Try the egg spray. It has to be re-applied after rain or sprinklers but deer won't eat egg.
  • Penny
    Penny Backus, MN
    Well, to date, my fish line has only had one time it has been broken, since I put it up last fall. Put it back up after that & it has not ever been broken again (as in something ran through it.) I don't have a lot of things of great interest to deer in
  • Ejefferson
    I needed a laugh for the morning,, Iiked, the quote,,, I use a 12 shotgun... hahahahah

    Thanks Elmer....

    JANIS S Hugo, MN
    We had to put up a tall fence, now I have flowers, lilies and hostas. But alot of work and expense, Now for the winter and snow and ice coming to MN. We hope fence stays put.
    • Sally Lauren
      Sally Lauren Chester, NJ
      JANIS S Did you put up a deer fence or a regular fence? I put up a 7ft high deer fence 3 years ago completely around my 1 1/3 acre property - I made a 10ft wide gate from deer
  • HippieBob
    HippieBob Pueblo, CO
    When there is no chance of freezing. we use electronic "Scarecrows". They work great. During the winter months, I have some tomato cages with plastic fencing that I place around our trees.
  • Mary Blatnik-Smith
    Mary Blatnik-Smith Strongsville, OH
    Haha... Even the fencing doesn't keep the deer out of our "deer resistant" plants.
  • Jeff Ryan
    Jeff Ryan Canisteo, NY
    There may be no better defense than fencing. But I think fencing is expensive, time consuming and unsightly. We use a much more natural and effective means to keep deer away from our landscaping. Deer Repellent Packs contain genuine coyote urine in
    • Sally Lauren
      Sally Lauren Chester, NJ
      Jeff Ryan Expensive time consuming and unsightly? I disagree! I put up a 7ft high deer fence 3 years ago completely around my 1 1/3 acre property - I made a 10ft wide gate from deer
  • Penny
    Penny Backus, MN
    Thank you, Ginger. I will try this next season. Pretty much done for this year in MN.
  • Jenni C.
    Jenni C. Milwaukee, WI
    My parents hung bars of dial soap in panty hose..Seemed to work.
    • Bobby Barbara Smith
      Bobby Barbara Smith Bull Shoals, AR
      Jenni C. My deer chewed the little bags of soap like gum! LOL I'd come out the next day to find them pulled down & scattered around the yard, with large teeth print in the soap bag :)
  • Diane
    Diane Spring Hill, FL
    For the fishing line, I use 30# Test and string it taut all around the boundaries of my back yard, about 2-3 ft. high. When I mow the yard, I just unloop the lines at the side yards so I can get the tractor from front to backyard. I think it really must
  • Mikell Paulson
    Mikell Paulson Silverdale, WA
    I had fruit trees and roses in the country. I used eggs with soap and water! It worked really good, now I live in the city and the deer eat every thing! They are like pets!!
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