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  • Lovedecor
    Lovedecor Beverly Hills, CA

    Thank you all for the sweet comments!

  • Darci Simpson Rice
    Darci Simpson Rice Gastonia, NC

    @Lovedecor , this is beautiful. I love it. I have so many sweet gum balls in my yard, I should do this with those since I have very few pine cones. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Lovedecor
      Lovedecor Beverly Hills, CA

      @Darci Simpson Rice - That is a great idea! I believe you can make a wreath out of just about anything. :)

  • Cathe
    Cathe San Antonio, TX

    Great job! Looking at Pine cones so differently now!Thx!

  • Darlene Gallman
    Darlene Gallman Murrells Inlet, SC

    my sister would love to give away pine ones to anyone that wants them, she has so many she is sick of them, she isn't all that crafty, lol, but she lives in Richburg SC

  • Anne Bischoff
    Anne Bischoff Toledo, OH

    If you don't have access to pinecone you can buy them at a craft store. Sometimes they're cinnamon flavored and smell nice too .

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