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Homemade Natural Autumn Room Spray (No Essential Oils Needed!)

This homemade natural autumn room spray smells so heavenly! You won't need any special ingredients for this room spray either, no essential oils necessary!
I think the smells of autumn are my favorite scents on earth! Warm spicy scents, hints of pumpkin, and fallen leaves are perfect! Fall candles are definitely my favorite scents to burn all season, but I also really love having autumn room sprays to keep the house smelling like the perfect autumn day!
Readers really loved the orange rose air freshener I made a few months ago.
Many sent in emails asking me what if they didn't have essential oils or didn't want to use them? After getting many requests about a non- essential oil spray, I started working on one for you!
The thing is, essential oils are impossible to recreate completely at home. There are special tools they use in labs to get that highly concentrated oil from plants, flowers, or herbs that give a very strong scent. At home methods are more of an infusion of scent, but they can smell just as good if you get the right combination.
This homemade autumn room spray has two methods. You can leave it concentrated and spray throughout, or you can turn it into an odor remover with the addition of a few household chemicals. Either way, it smells wonderful.
The best part is how AMAZING it smells while you are making it and letting it simmer on the stove. My house smelled like fall for days after making this!
For the Autumn Scented Concentrate:
+ 2 cups of water
+ Cinnamon Broom (or cinnamon sticks)
+ One small pumpkin (the tiny sugar pumpkins)
+ Favorite Apple
+ Your favorite fallen leaves outside (that smell wonderful)
Additional Items to Complete Room Spray:
+ 1/2 cup vodka (see this chemist note on why using vodka is the best bet )
+ 1/2 tsp baking soda
1. In a medium sauce pan, combine the water with some pieces of pumpkin rind (only the rind) that are cut into smaller pieces. Add in some chunks of apple, cut up some of the cinnamon broom and add that in. I like the cinnamon broom better than the sticks, it is a little stronger. But cinnamon sticks work good too!
If you have leaves outside that are starting to fall, add in some of those cut up.
2. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 3 or so hours. Turn off the heat, and let is sit overnight to room temperature. The longer it gets, the strong it is!
3. To make an air freshener, odor eliminator, combine 1 cup of strained autumn mixture with the 1/2 cup of vodka and 1/2 tsp baking soda. Shake it up and use around the house.
4. You can strain this mixture and leave it as a room spray that is concentrated. Since it is mainly water, make sure to not spray directly on items since it will leave water droplets, but it can still work great for spraying the air. Making the air freshener above will eliminate water drops and perfect for all around.
Make sure you click here for our cute FREE recipe printable!
Visit the link below for additional chemist tips and information!

To see more: http://www.chemistrycachet.com/homemade-natural-autumn-room-spray/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Silverladyroute66
    on Sep 28, 2016

    this will be so great to make thank you

  • William
    William Burbank, IL
    on Sep 28, 2016

    Gotta make this! Love Autumn scents! Thanks for the share!

  • KK
    KK Lockesburg, AR
    on Sep 30, 2016

    I'd like to make this but I don't see what the vodka does. I don't have that around and probably won't unless someone gave me some. Is it absolutely necessary?

    • Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
      Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet Granbury, TX
      on Sep 30, 2016

      You can click the blog post link and read my chemist tips for it! I explain how to use this without alcohol and with it. Using vodka instead of rubbing alcohol creates a milder, less pungent scent. The alcohol allows the solution to evaporate quicker and not leave water drops where it is sprayed. I have details on just using this as a concentrated room spray, the alcohol solution is for creating an air freshener :)

  • Rachael Bruesch
    Rachael Bruesch Hansen, ID
    on Sep 24, 2017

    Sounds like it would smell amazing!

    • Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
      Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet Granbury, TX
      on Sep 24, 2017

      We love making it in the fall. Nice subtle scent without being too strong for people with breathing issues :)

  • Rachael Bruesch
    Rachael Bruesch Hansen, ID
    on Sep 24, 2017

    Thanks for thinking about breathing issues, I have had my breath taken away by some all too strong cinnamon. ( I'm allergic to it). Orange & clove are also nice btw.

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