Painting a Brick Fireplace With Chalk Paint®

FIREPLACE 03.08.15
We painted our outdated red and black brick fireplace and built in bookshelves with Chalk Paint®. The soft grey grout was in pristine condition and since we didn't want a "rolled on" look, we painted each brick individually with Country Grey Chalk Paint® which really added texture. The mantel is painted in Graphite Chalk Paint® and distressed a bit. The built-ins and cabinets are French Linen Chalk Paint® and walls are Country Grey.

The transformation was a pleasure to do and Chalk Paint® was awesome to work with.

  • Cindy
    Cindy Emporia, KS
    Very nice! I would have never thought of using chalk paint! My husband has a "no painting wood" rule, but he never said anything about brick! ;)
  • Leah Bening
    Leah Bening Carterville, IL
    Just beautiful! That really brightened up the entire room!
  • Sue
    Sue East Haven, CT
    Can chalk paint be used behind a wood burning stove? it's about 15" from the brick on the sides & 36" from the back. I'd love to brighten up this area!
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Madison, WI
    Love this transformation! I will have to stop in and see your shop, I am in McFarland, WI nice to meet a "neighbor" online!
  • Sherry
    Sherry Lake Mary, FL
    This looks exactly like my fireplace and I have shelving and cabinet next to it! I also have the same black and gold fireplace door! I have been wanting to change it or paint.
  • Sherry
    Sherry Lake Mary, FL
    What did you use to paint the fireplace door all black?
    • Cindy Gazso
      Cindy Gazso Janesville, WI
      Sherry We used Rust-oleum High Heat paint on the black/gold metal fireplace door.
  • Patricia Presto/On The Surface
    Nice job! I love chalk paint!
  • White Oak Studio Designs
    Looks wonderful. I'll be interested to hear how this holds up. I talked to a builder who recommended ONLY masonry paint that can holdup to high heat conditions, like a fireplace. So please post back in a year or two, oaky? Thanks!
  • Cindy Gazso
    Cindy Gazso Janesville, WI
    Dear White Oak Studio Designs - as noted in one photo, the fireplace surround door was painted with

    Rust-oleum High Heat

  • Carolyn Bebb
    Carolyn Bebb Fresno, CA
    I ended up with the same look, But I was going to paint my brick so I put a primer on first, it looked like shabby chic, I liked the look and left it.ツ
  • Jeanne Nelson
    Jeanne Nelson Provo, UT
    Lovely! I painted a brick fireplace with watered down latex paint and the result was very similar. I have been wanting to do the same thing on a stone fireplace but haven't been happy with the little spots that I tried. Would chalk paint work on the
  • Cindy Gazso
    Cindy Gazso Janesville, WI
    Jeanne, Chalk Paint® performed beautifully on the bricks and it also does a great job on concrete. Log onto to find a Chalk Paint®
  • Jeanne Nelson
    Jeanne Nelson Provo, UT
    Thank you, I will try a test spot on our stonework.
  • Ktmunger
    Did you use wax to seal it? Or is the chalk paint just on there by itself without anything to seal it? I just repainted mine with the chalk paint and I can't decide what to seal it with or if it needs it...
  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Logan, UT
    Whoohoo! Gorgeous! Know someone who needs that chalk paint technique, thanks.It is soft and elegant. Great job.
Cindy Gazso