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Painting a Brick Fireplace With Chalk Paint®

We painted our outdated red and black brick fireplace and built in bookshelves with Chalk Paint®. The soft grey grout was in pristine condition and since we didn't want a "rolled on" look, we painted each brick individually with Country Grey Chalk Paint® which really added texture. The mantel is painted in Graphite Chalk Paint® and distressed a bit. The built-ins and cabinets are French Linen Chalk Paint® and walls are Country Grey.
The transformation was a pleasure to do and Chalk Paint® was awesome to work with.

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  • Susan Rawlings
    Susan Rawlings Avon, OH

    This looks very professional. I wasn't sure chalk paint could do so well. Nice job!

    • Cindy Gazso
      Cindy Gazso Janesville, WI

      Annie Sloan's paint is extremely forgiving and perfect for the beginner and experienced painted alike. Try Chalk Paint Susan....you'll love it!

  • Sandra
    Sandra Oakdale, CT

    Like painting wood, I feel the same with my fireplace brick. Will this chalk paint be easy or hard to remove should I not like the look?

  • Marilyn Stein
    Marilyn Stein Paradise, CA

    Annie Sloan makes high quality paint, but you can make your own "real" chalk paint for a whole lot less. There are lots of recipes on the web, but I have found that the calcium carbonate one produces the smoothest paint.

    • Dolores DeLuise
      Dolores DeLuise New York, NY

      Yes! And it's amazingly inexpensive! Plus you're not limited to the palette--you can add any color you like. Amazon sells calcium carbonate for $12 for 5 lb.

  • Angel
    Angel Hesperia, CA

    Great job, and nice looking room. I could sure getting cozy with a good book in there ;)

  • Loretta
    Loretta Carmichael, CA

    Gorgeous transformation!!!!!!