Tips for Decorating the Bathroom in a Rental House

Bathroom ideas 07.24.15
What if you can't paint the cabinets, or change the mirror, or the faucet, because it's a rental home (or apartment)? Here are a few quick tips for updating a blah rental bathroom.

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  • Hang a chalkboard in a frame on top of that ugly medicine cabinet.
  • Use spray adhesive to mount wrapping paper (!) onto the cabinets--just peel and toss when it's time to move!
  • Change out basic builder knobs and hardware and add a little bling.
  • Put extra guest soaps on display.
  • Mount silver platters on the wall.
  • Corral essential supplies like t.p. in a vintage bin.
  • Don't want to change out the light fixture? Bring in a lamp!
  • Hang hooks on the back of the door for extra storage.

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