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Bedtime in the Flea Market Garden

Using old bed frames in the garden
You may have a garden bed, I have a few, too! But,…do you have a garden bed? These Flea Market Gardening experts do! These talented gardeners scouted out old bed frames,…sometimes exceptional ones, and put them to decorative use in the garden. See all 10 ideas....

To see more: http://www.fleamarketgardening.org/2013/09/19/bedtime-in-the-flea-market-garden/

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  • Sue Walker
    Sue Walker Athens, GA

    Here is my bed that I paid $5.00 for, I have used it to display chandelier bird feeders and others.

    • Barb
      Barb Mount Vernon, IL

      you sure did get the deal of a life time. !! when you bought that bed. and the chandelier is so cute. you could put little hanging plants in it . or bird seed for the birds.

  • HipSisters Of VA
    HipSisters Of VA Chester, VA

    I have one that I have had for over 9 years, just sitting around and collecting dust in the garage. About 5 years ago I thought, hmm..wonder if I should use it in the backyard for my DH to use with his rose garden. Apparently, this was a good

    DONNA W Evansville, IN

    I have a metal head board that I was using but decided not to a year ago. Thank you for sharing your garden beds. You have inspired me to use mine too.

  • Sue Walker
    Sue Walker Athens, GA

    That is another cool idea. I also thought of making it into an arbor with some outdoor fabric over the top.

  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa

    They are gorgeous!

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