Easy Pumpkin Glitter & Glitz

Holiday 19 hours ago
Here's an easy way to give your pumpkins a little glitter and glitz! I did paint the pumpkin to give it a brighter finish. This project can be completed very quickly, yet yields beautiful results!
Difficulty: Easy
  • The first step to create this bejeweled pumpkin was to spray it with a semi-gloss off-white spray paint. I allowed it to dry overnight.
  • I added a scrapbooking decal that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. It was super easy to use, but takes patience to very slowly peel the decal from the backing. The decal remained in one piece, and I carefully applied it to the pumpkin.
  • The last step was to finish it off with a ribbon bow by pushing a floral pin through the bow into the pumpkin. This is such a simple project to create a detailed, glammed up pumpkin!
  • I also used scrapbooking owl decals on a few miniature pumpkins and added them to my mini cupcake stands to add a little pizzazz to my kitchen fall decor.
  • I loved the little owl decal so much that I also added one to the top of one my cupcake stands. A cute little touch for fall.

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