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A few more Halloween crafts, I'm really into reusing the 2x4's I have laying around here so I made a little Halloween sign for my daughter & her family & one for our porch. Then I took one of my $1.00 pumpkins I picked up at the local flea market & glued mice into the holes my husband drilled out for me and glued a few leaves to the top. Next is a sign I seen on here so I made one for my front porch.

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  • Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    on Sep 20, 2013

    Cute and fun!

  • Tammy Brenner
    Tammy Brenner Stockton, CA
    on Sep 20, 2013

    Thank you Alexandra! :) Now I can't wait to get everything gathered and start decorating out front.

  • Sharron Pittenger
    Sharron Pittenger Huntington, AR
    on Sep 21, 2013

    Like these very much. Will try these ideas. Ty for sharing.

  • Angela Edwards
    Angela Edwards Wake Forest, NC
    on Sep 21, 2013

    Very Cute!

  • Trina
    Trina Tampa, FL
    on Sep 21, 2013

    Why too cute!! Thanks for sharing! Heading out now to get busy making these!!

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