How do I get rid of pesky sand spurs from my lawn?

I live in FL and my yard is over run with sand spurs that are constantly being tracked into the house on our shoes and our dog's fur. I'm looking for a way to get rid of them easily and most importantly inexpensively.

  • Christy D.
    Christy D. Lake Wales, FL
    Thanks for the tip. :0)
  • Geniva Barringer
    Geniva Barringer Lake Butler, FL
    Growing up in the area I feel for you. Being a farmer my Dad would have us dig/pull them up with gloves and put in the fire pit then we would use burlap feed bags with sand in the bottom to pull over ther area to collet the spurs for any left behind will
    • Christy D.
      Christy D. Lake Wales, FL
      Geniva Barringer Thanks. I know exactly what you mean. My yard borders a grove and we have very little grass. Interestingly enough I did find a patch of thrift growing in
  • Kay Carroll
    Kay Carroll Bladenboro, NC
    spray the areas with Round up.. We had 2 acres of sand spars and ended up spraying for 4 years to kill them all!!!
  • Coco Tree Service Corp
    Hello Christy, You can try some of the tips described here: Hope this helps you with your spurs problem.
  • Lois Franklin
    Lois Franklin Bremond, TX
    I grew up in the Gainesville area and we were constantly battling those devils as well! I remember my dad having us drag burlap bags where we'd clean them out, but don't remember if he added any sand for weight. Good idea. He also said sandspurs don't
Christy D.